Continuity stress test

When Georgia travels to South Bend this season, it’ll make for an interesting contrast between the coaching staffs.  The Dawgs will be coached by the same coordinators year-to-year for the first time since 2014.  The Fighting Irish, on the other hand, won’t.

Kelly has been in the midst of one of the most extensive overhauls ever of a team of his own making. The eighth-year coach has changed offensive coordinators, defensive coordinators, half of his assistants and all of his strength coaches. In all there are 17 new members of the football hierarchy, an obvious indication of dissatisfaction with what was going on.

Notre Dame is coming off a four-win season — three of those at home, none against ranked teams — and doesn’t have a talent advantage over the visitors.  Besides the coaching turnover, they’ll be starting a new quarterback as well.

If Georgia can’t walk in there and come out with a victory, either we chalk it up to the power of Touchdown Jesus or start some hard questioning about when this staff is going to get its proverbial act together.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen Gawd as a micro-manager when it comes to football.



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  1. dawgtired

    “Notre Dame is coming off a four-win season — three of those at home, none against ranked teams — and doesn’t have a talent advantage over the visitors. Besides the coaching turnover, they’ll be starting a new quarterback as well.”

    Yes but…ND was the best 4-8 team in the country last year! 😉


  2. Well I guess Gawd is sort of like BM–not so much concerned with winning, but more with the love reserve fund.

    The morning service doth has ended…please sign the guest registry on the way out 😉


  3. No such thing as gawd. Poor comment


  4. 81Dog

    I’m completely good with you respecting your religion, and don’t see why anyone else would have a reason to object. Manners, and all that.

    Now, your politics…… 😉


    • I’m a classical, “small-l” liberal who thinks the vast majority of pols are hypocritical assholes. I can see how that would be controversial to some. 😉


      • Uglydawg

        I’m a “small-c” and feel the same way about pols.

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      • 81Dog

        I’m more of an anarchist, myself. Embrace the chaos. Why go halfway? 😉


      • simpl_matter

        The distinctions between a classical v. social/economic liberal are lost in America today. I tell someone I’m a classical liberal and in short order they are calling me a socialist. These same (generally) social conservatives usually go on to claim that they themselves lean libertarian….


        • dawgtired

          The danger in claiming to be liberal or conservative is there is no ‘safe-ground’ view from either side. To those on the left, ALL conservatives are narrow-minded-bible-thumping-haters, and to those on the right, ALL liberals are bi-sexual-dope-smoking-communist. But I’m sure at least 33% of us are somewhere in between 😉

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  5. SemperFiDawg



  6. While no doubt we’ll get ND’s best shot, but if the Process has taken, this team should do to ND what Alabama did to Clemson in 2008 … methodically take them apart.


  7. Bright Idea

    Speaking of religion, the Catholics gonna find out what they like best with that game, money or football.


  8. WF Dawg

    I just booked my flight yesterday. Can’t wait.


  9. Cousin Eddie

    I expect ND to be able to keep it close (Nichols State close) just because I don’t have the feeling this staff is willing to do a lot of changing. Hope I am wrong but until I see real change I won’t believe it.


  10. 3rdandGrantham

    So Kelly fired his OC, DC, entire S&C, and half of his assistants. At what point will he take a long, hard look in the mirror and consider that perhaps HE is the problem?

    If ND fails again this year, he’s probably going to fire the other half of his assistants, the leprechaun mascot, the PA announcer, and that Rudy guy.


  11. Cojones

    It would be a miracle if ND won…oh!….wait!…


  12. If we don’t have this one wrapped up by early 4th quarter I will officially become worried about Smart’s potential as coach.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I have seen a lot of people fret about this game, including many who chalk it up as a loss for us, but I never understood that thinking, and that was before I was reminded they were a four loss team. I’ll be very surprised not mention disappointed if we don’t have this wrapped up by the 4th quarter. Plus, I have an elderly friend who played for ND back when Paul Hornung played. I’ll never hear the end of it if we don’t win this. 😡


  13. Is VanGorder still on staff?


  14. The bottom line is that we could use a big win at ND. If we lose, I don’t see the team or coaching staff being able to keep things together to fight for the SEC Title. I know that may sound like a lot being put on one game but we do seem to need a major statement win to start a big run.


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