Subtract one hurdle.

Maybe this doesn’t rise to the level of an excuse for last year’s team, but it’s fair to characterize it as an irritation that’s now gone, like a bad itch.

This time last year the team was bussing to every spring practice, as it also had to do during the season. While the indoor facility was under construction in 2016, the team practiced at a makeshift set of practice fields off Milledge Ave., taking bus 10-minute bus rides to and from each practice.

Now that it’s over, players admit they hated it.

“Oh, it was miserable,” tight end Jeb Blazevich said. “I think one of the biggest hang-ups was taking time away from our day, which sucked. But more than that, it was hard to stay after.”

Blazevich meant that because of the need to get on the bus, they had to forego extra time spent on the field. For most of the year, if a receiver wanted to run more routes with his quarterback, or catch more balls, they couldn’t just hang after practice.

Eventually last year the team did enlist a late bus for guys who wanted to stay after.

“But originally it was just go there and come back,” Blazevich said. “Everything’s over there. So if you want to do some extra work, it’s tough. You couldn’t. But thankfully we’re over that hurdle.”

At least some people have one less thing to bitch about when it comes to Georgia football.



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14 responses to “Subtract one hurdle.

  1. Prosticutor

    Sheesh. Somebody get those kids a car already!


  2. JCDAWG83

    If this season is a disappointment I’m sure the lack of top notch locker rooms in Sanford will be brought up next Spring. This program has so many hurdles we should be proud of winning seasons, expecting championships is absurd.

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  3. Go Dawgs!

    Uber isn’t in Athens? Taxi cabs? Or just asking coach for the late bus after the first few times you noticed it was a problem wasn’t possible? Come on, guys.


  4. I've Stopped Caring

    The Athletic Department is so rife with dysfunction and problems of its own making that winning doesn’t have chance to become a priority.


    • Gaskilldawg

      One of those first year head coach issues. I don’the blame Smart because he had so much otjer new on his plate but McGarity should have recognized the issue in the planning stage. Problem is solved now.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    That certainly explains why we lost to vandy.

    And to think people once walked to/from school every day beginning in kindergarten all the way thru 12th grade – sometimes for miles and in all weather conditions. About half of em were girls. And our star athletes say riding a bus is miserable. Sheesh!

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  6. “At least some people have one less thing to bitch about when it comes to Georgia football’………….Senator ,you absolutely and completely underestimate mine and many others ABILITY to come up with new and innovative things to bitch about. .I am not “some people” ,I am the contrarian. This IPF is going to make our kids soft and unable to adapt to bad weather conditions. See now wasn’t that easy.


  7. Come on, you had to know this story would bring out the “excuses” comments.