The dream lives on.

One day, Kirby’s gonna land that Hawaiian/Samoan lineman, and I, for one, am gonna celebrate.

My only regret when that day comes is that Larry won’t be around to wrestle with the kid’s name.



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9 responses to “The dream lives on.

  1. JG Shellnutt

    Have you seen Antoine Roccamora? They call him Tony Rocky Horror.

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  2. dawgtired

    One of the many things I loved about Munson was that he was a layman’s announcer…the REAL deal, no fluff! He painted pictures like no other.


  3. Not to be picky, but I would like to see the long flowing locks too.

    There’s a Honolulu St Louis?


    • Rocketdawg

      St. Louis is one of the biggest private schools in Honolulu. The recruit the best players throughout the islands and dress 100 kids a game. One of the best HS football games I have ever been to was the public vs private state championship game in 99 when Kahuku beat St. Louis. Prior to that game St. Louis had won the state championship 20+ years ina row. The fact that a couple of my troops were former Kahuku players didn’t hurt.

      *interesting side note-there was a French family seated in front of us who had never seen an American football game before (they were on vacation and followed the crowd into Aloha Stadium). We spent the entire game explaining the rules and what was going on to them.

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  4. tbia

    I just want the 400 pound Australian guy


  5. You saw Hawaii players, I immediately think of this


    • Macallanlover

      Thanks for pulling that up. Incredible action shot, what domination that 2007 team showed at the end of the year. Would have felt sorry for the Rainbows if it hadn’t been for all the mouthing and dissing leading up to that night. I feel we would have definitely won a playoff against any three opponents that January. Timing, all about the timing and a play or two each year.