Alex, I’ll take vanilla for $200.

What is every coach’s favorite flavor for spring football games?


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3 responses to “Alex, I’ll take vanilla for $200.

  1. Macallanlover

    I understand the need for a strong dose of vanilla in these games, and often against cupcakes but, with thr exception of kickoffs (which I would like to see eliminated), I don’t understand the lack of contact. It is a practice, play it like you will have to in the fall, that is how you both get better and see how your players are doing. I am with the 30% who divide the teams by offense and defense, those match-ups are what the game is about anyway. Don’t like the running clock, just make the quarters 12 minutes each and play it at the tempo of a regular game.


    • Down island way

      I am aware of imitation vanilla, have cooked with madagascar vanilla and even mexican vanilla in an adult beverage…….did not have knowledge of the rare “very vanilla”, that agent freeze spoke of.


  2. Essentially, the TV networks wanted more football coverage and got it through the TV contracts which put the games on TV. Everyone benefits…you know, except the players playing.