If mama ain’t happy, then Kirby ain’t happy.

Georgia’s head coach ain’t backing down on the new media policy regarding injuries.

The new policy states that all injuries cannot be reported until Smart is asked and addresses them publicly. It also states that reporters are prohibited from “releasing information and/or photo/video of players who are working out separately with the sports medicine staff and players (other than quarterbacks) wearing black practice jerseys.” Injuries that occur when reporters are at practice were also banned.

On Thursday, Smart was given the chance to explain his new injury policy with the media. First, he said he would like to inform an injured player’s parents first before the media reports an injury if it happens in front of reporters. This occurred last Thursday, when freshman defensive back Deangelo Gibbs went down with a shoulder injury in front of reporters. Gibbs’ mother found about it through a published story before Georgia could relay the information, which upset Smart.

Is Ms. Gibbs a subject for empathy or merely a convenient excuse?  Put me down for the latter.  For one thing, as Chip Towers writes,

… Gibbs’ situation, which occurred during a 10-minute media viewing period, is actually very rare. If you ask me, the policy on a situation like that should be internal for Georgia.

As in, “you know, media were there when Johnny got hurt. Can someone from the training staff or one of the 50 analysts on the football staff please call his mom?”

Really.  It shouldn’t be that hard when you’ve got a support staff the size of a small army at your beck and call.

For another, Kirby shows his hole card.

But Smart then mentioned what he considers a bigger picture for the new policy. That has to do with preventing other teams, during the football season, from accessing injury information.

“It would be a big disadvantage in the season for us, for our opponents to know every kid that’s injured, every kid that’s out, every kid that’s not practicing,” Smart said. “When that information gets out to our opponent it can be a detriment to our team. I’m trying to protect the team with that information.”

Gosh, that has a familiar ring to it.  Where have I heard… oh, yeah.

“At that recruiting time of year they get absolutely inundated with people wanting to have that recruiting information and it’s not a level playing field because Georgia, our athletic associations, are private in and of themselves and they don’t have that capacity, so this just allows that type of level playing field,” Ehrhart said.

I’d love to see some stats that demonstrate a correlation between heightened secrecy and improved winning percentage.  Maybe Bill Connelly can factor that into his next S&P+ rankings.

Anyway, I think Butt gets this exactly right when he says,

Injuries are a part of football, given the violent nature of the sport. Reporting those injuries, indicating which players will be available or not for games, is a major part of covering a football beat.

Why so?  Because, believe it or not, it’s something we fans are interested in.  Remember us, the G-Day recruiting props?

Now Kirby acknowledges there’s a possible solution for everyone that he’s on board with.  Well, kinda, sorta, maybe…

Smart would be OK with an SEC injury report of some sort but stopped short of saying he supports such a measure.

“I think if everybody did it that would be great,” Smart said. “To say I’m in favor of it or against it, I’m not either way. I just think that obviously puts everyone in the same position. I’m going to know the same thing about whoever we’re playing, just like they know about us. That’s why they do it in the NFL. They do it that way because it makes a little more parity, a little more even across the league.

“I think it makes things fair. But I’m not sitting here saying I want it by any means.”

Fair, schmair.  In other words, don’t expect him to lead that crusade.  It’s all he can handle right now keeping things on the lowdown.


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21 responses to “If mama ain’t happy, then Kirby ain’t happy.

  1. BulldogJay

    Kirby should do what his mentor Saban does, hide the injuries. No black jerseys until media leaves. My neighbor’s son played tight end there for 3 years and had a mild ankle sprain, he wore a boot but never had it on during the media time. Get creative Kirby


    • Yeah, so, why is he reacting to the situation instead of establishing the policy that his mentor – from whom he presumably learned all this awesome stuff that’s going to make us unbeatable – had in place for however long he was over in T-town ruining our blackouts and what not? Didn’t we get all the experience and knowledge of The Process when we brought in Kirb-Dawg? What other parts of the winning formula which Kirby is so intimately familiar with is he forgetting or holding out on implementing?


  2. Derek

    Details, amirite?

    The difference between winning and losing to appy state in September could come down to an April injury report.

    They need to get the Black Knight to report on our players statuses: https://youtu.be/RG1P8MQS1cU


  3. They probably do it in the NFL because of betting lines more so than parity. At least the injury report is as equally important to the gambling industry as it to the league.


  4. DawgPhan

    If I was a reporter I might skip covering the Dawgs this week and spend time talking to mamas and seeing exactly how often Smart takes time out of his day to personally call and let the mom know that her son has an injury.


    • Derek

      No media calls to momma until the player is notified in advance. Nobody wants to find out that their mother is talking to the media by reading about it in the media.


  5. Chris

    Good for Kirby. Treat the Fake News like mushrooms: feed them fertilizer and keep them in the dark.



  6. ApalachDawg

    This is not a concern for me nor is anything related to media.
    Just win.
    Who gives a shit?

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  7. HVL Dawg

    UGA shouldn’t invite reporters to practice, they could have Chuck Dowdle tell us everything we need to know.

    Meanwhile… look at all the secrets Miami gave away yesterday.



  8. 'Ol Gill

    Maybe a better way to go about it would be to ask the beat reporters to not report an injury they saw until the family has been notified. Beat reporters know who butters their bread so I bet it would work.

    When you ask someone to do something reasonble it works a lot better than making Draconian policies that get people riled up. If the British Parliment had used a little finesse and PR skills 1765-1775. we might have ERII as our head of state.


  9. JoshG

    Kirby is acting like a coach that has actually beaten Vanderbilt.

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  10. Yet another instance where Kirby doesn’t seem to understand that his absurd wants are something you can get away with after winning something.

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  11. Macallanlover

    Another poor Satan imitation by Kirby. He may become a good HC but his PR skills are right there with McGoofy. Perhaps we can get a “two-fer discount” for a combo training session to help them.