One more reason to keep the WLOCP in Jacksonville

Amelia Island’s much beloved and much missed Down Under restaurant is scheduled to reopen this year.  (And, lo, there was much rejoicing.)

I just hope the gumbo is still on the menu.



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15 responses to “One more reason to keep the WLOCP in Jacksonville

  1. DC Weez

    Woo Hoo! Hope it’s as good as it used to be.


  2. DA_MAN

    Every time I pass over that bridge, I think about days when DownUnder was operating and GA/FLA weekend. That is great news! Ditto re: gumbo!


  3. 69Dawg

    Many night before WLOCP spent there. One of the best.


  4. Red Cup

    Great place, and one of the few places with a worse bathroom than the North stands. 😜


  5. Russ

    Well, now it’s obvious you’d rather have your golf vacation than win the game!



    • Mayor

      Right Russ. One doesn’t have to have a football game to use as an excuse to go to Amelia Island. I’ve been there many times without ever going to the WLOCP. If somebody wants to eat at a particular restaurant or play golf on Amelia, you don’t have to have the FU game in JAX to do it. Just go do it! Georgia football is put to a disadvantage annually because of the very attitude exhibited by this string. They care more about a fun beach trip than they do about winning the damn game!


      • Macallanlover

        Everyone should respect others’ opinions on where they prefer the game, and hopefully they have some rational reason to add to the discussion. For how many ever years you have obsessed over this topic, you have continually made statements about an unlevel playing field. And for that same number of years/comments you have failed to list one, just one, single truthful disadvantage to support your case. There is a good reason for this, there simply isn’t any way UGA is disadvantaged by this game.

        You can simplybnot like it on principle, say it isn’t as convenient for you personally, prefer a chance to visit the Swamp every other year, have seafood allergies, hate it because you own/operate a motel/restaurant in Athens, etc., but the team is not disadvantaged. Stick to the subjective, because you lose on facts.


        • Russ

          For the record, I was being sarcastic. I don’t believe playing in Jax has any bearing on the outcome. Every time I’ve been there, the crowd was split 50/50.


          • Mayor

            Look at the stats Russ. When playing in Sanford the Dawgs win a much higher percentage of their games than when playing away from Sanford. Tell me with a straight face that in alternate years the Dawgs only having 3 SEC home games and 5 SEC games away from the hedges doesn’t operate as a disadvantage.


  6. we gonna be some lemon wedge flingin mo fo’s


  7. JG Shellnutt

    Everything fried. Look for the tall sign by the bridge in the marsh.


  8. Mark

    Can’t renember what it was but whatever they had in that aquarium was one large beast. Good times there, got sure.


  9. Spike

    I recommend The Surf in Fernandina!


  10. Mark

    Yes, stayed in that little condo across the street from the Surf and closed it down many a night. Its an all Dawg party from Wednesday on.


  11. Awesome news. While growing up, our family used to vacation on Fernandina Beach each year and always made a stop to Down Under. Can’t wait to see if it’s as good as it used to be.


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