The NFL wonders why college football isn’t more sensitive to its needs.

Sure, it’s free, but there’s always a downside to outsourcing your player development.


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9 responses to “The NFL wonders why college football isn’t more sensitive to its needs.

  1. Really forces those NFL scouts and coaches to work hard for their money and stuff. The uncertainties arising from versatile players must be soul crushing.


  2. Bright Idea

    Could this be the next recruiting pitch? “We will keep you in one position for the NFL scouts regardless of what we need you to do for our team.”


  3. Sherlock

    This type of thinking is why New England is New England and Jacksonville is Jacksonville. The most NFL Scouting thing they could do is let Christian McCaffery fall all the way down to the Patriots. Then we watch as they motion him out of the backfield to Flanker and watch some flatfooted LB in man-coverage try to defend a sluggo or deep post.

    I can see the interviews with scouts now saying “We didn’t know what to do with him”… EVERYTHING YOU MORON!


    • My first thought was that McCaffery was a lock to the Patriots and he would fill the Danny Amendola/Julian Edelman role, but that isn’t Belichick at all. Remember he picks up guys for that role via late round draft picks and free agents. I don’t see the Patriots taking him with a first round choice.


  4. On the whole, draft evaluators seem to have the same success rate as never-played football bloggers.

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    • DawgPhan

      I think we can all agree that the anonymous nfl scout/gm quote is always the dumbest thing in the article.


  5. This seems like the thing we hear from time to time.

    From time to time, there are players who transcend the game, but I doubt either of these players will do that.