“As far as scheme, we’re not going to show scheme.”

Don’t jump to the wrong conclusion here — it’s not about control freaks gonna control freak.  Kirby’s just concerned that some kid’s poor ol’ mama’s gonna learn her son’s been asked to run a jet sweep before Kirby’s had the chance to let her know himself.


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12 responses to ““As far as scheme, we’re not going to show scheme.”

  1. Hodgie

    This is stupid. As soon as you play your first game everything is out there for people to scott and see. What’s the big deal about doing it in the spring? I teas in that article Nebraska didn’t even run the defense they had installed fir this year. What the hell? Here’s the thing. No Coach is inventing anything at this point. It’s all been done before. Also,let’s say someone does do something game changing in terns of scheme. Once it’s on film one time you can’t hide it anymore. I just don’t understand the need for all this secrecy. You’re right senator. I think it’s less about secrecy and more about control.


  2. Hillbilly Dawg

    What’s the TV time?


  3. Good grief – why not just run the wishbone and the split 60 in the spring game? Then there will no film for anyone to use to scout for the season. Another reason I’ll be watching from Section HD DVR, so I won’t have to sit through the TV timeouts either.


  4. 1st down run up the gut
    2nd down run up the gut
    3rd down pass
    4th down punt
    how hard is that?



  5. 86BONE

    Senator that may be your best title ever….very clever!


  6. Not sure I see any correlation between being a control freak and not wanting to show the world your entire offensive and defensive package six months before the season starts. FYI, the opponent will practice against every single formation you have been in, right down to the numbers on the scout team matching that of your playmakers. Any little bit you can hide, you do. Damn. Go to a high school game sometime. In warm ups the scrubs will line up across the field to shield the other team from seeing the first teamers run plays.


  7. doofusdawg

    no scheme… no commits… no problem.