Size matters.

You can quibble about the accuracy of the size of the announced crowd at G-Day, but, to his credit, Kirby Smart sounded happy about the turnout.

“I’m really excited about our fan base. We had 66,000 people. It makes me proud to be a Bulldog. I’m glad they came out. A lot of recruits made comments about the attendance, and I think any chance you get to have 66,000 people for a practice, that’s an exciting thing. The kids certainly appreciated it. I want to thank the fans for that. I thought we had a great atmosphere.”

If not as big as last year’s, it was still an impressive showing.  As long as the recruits and players appreciated it, that’s a good thing.  Plus, no condom controversy!



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2 responses to “Size matters.

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Well, now we know for sure. Rappers and condoms bring out the biggest crowds.


  2. Terp

    Could be worse I suppose…..