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Today, in I don’t think that word means what you think it means

This is al.com’s idea of Greg Sankey “addressing” speculation on conference expansion:

Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg Sankey declined to deny whether the conference has privately explored expanding in an attempt to be the first league with 16 teams.

“I’ll let others discuss expansion publicly,” Sankey said, adding that he thought he answered the question “directly.”

I doubt even Sankey believes that.


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Shit, AD, that’s all you had to say.

You know, if Greg McGarity had just said from the beginning that he needed a reserve fund to protect the department against his own lack of competency in hiring and firing coaches instead of making up some nonsensical excuse about having to pay student-athletes down the road, I might have been more understanding.

At least I would have applauded him for being realistic.


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The Georgia Way: a definitional bleg

You know, I’ve mentioned before that the Lexicon badly needs an entry for The Georgia Way, but I’ve really struggled to come up with a succinct description.

A couple of recent things have come up that may have helped me sharpen my thoughts on the subject.  First, this tweet sent my way a few days ago:

Then, comes the news this morning that McGarity has seen fit to can the gymnastics coach he hired five years ago, right after she dismissed three players from the team, naturally.  I’m sure the program is just around the corner from greatness.

Anyway, a phrase popped into my head in response to both of those items, and the more I chew on it, the more it grows on me:  arrogance in the service of mediocrity.  I mean, arrogance is tolerable, if you’ve got something rightfully to be arrogant about, and, well, as a Georgia fan, I’ve certainly been familiar with my fair share of mediocrity.

It’s the combination of the two, along with the money fixation, that makes the Georgia Way special for me.  Am I off base with that, does it resonate with you, too, or is it just a decent start?


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Second chance, with an asterisk

Greg Sankey puts a “not so fast, my friend” on the possibility of D’antne Demery to another SEC program.

“At the time of a National Letter of Intent is signed an SEC financial aid agreement is signed as well and in there is a recruiting prohibition. So the other schools in the league are prohibited in the league are prohibited from recruiting individuals who signed that agreement and that’s in place right now, for each signee.”

Whether that would apply if the individual in question spent a couple of years playing JUCO ball and then sought admission to an SEC school is a question for another day, but the way Sankey phrased that makes me think if Demery kept his nose clean, so to speak, he’d be able to work his way back.


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“When I heard about it, it had a chilling effect on me.”

A school suing its own boosters for something to which it turned a blind eye in the past?  Yeah, I can see how that could be awkward.


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“Almost all of our clients are acutely aware that they don’t want to end up a greeter outside a Las Vegas casino.”

Here’s a really good piece on the financial decisions kids who are fortunate enough to sign pro contracts face.  Many listen to good advice, but many don’t.

It’s something that schools ought to spend more time on with their student-athletes than they do.


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“Now you can agree or disagree with that policy, but that’s the policy.”

When it comes to the SEC’s policy on selling alcohol in the general seating area, Greg Sankey’s not sayin’, he’s just sayin’.  If you know what I mean…


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