Today, in I don’t think that word means what you think it means

This is’s idea of Greg Sankey “addressing” speculation on conference expansion:

Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg Sankey declined to deny whether the conference has privately explored expanding in an attempt to be the first league with 16 teams.

“I’ll let others discuss expansion publicly,” Sankey said, adding that he thought he answered the question “directly.”

I doubt even Sankey believes that.



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29 responses to “Today, in I don’t think that word means what you think it means

  1. ATL Dawg

    That 2024 trip to College Station may have to get pushed back even more. Gonna have to redo the schedules.


    • Brandon

      LOL. Nice.


      • Otto

        I don’t have a problem with that


        • ATL Dawg

          I do. Our schedule is stale enough as it is.


          • Mayor

            The best expansion would be to add Oklahoma and Okie State, put them in the West, move Mizzou to the West and then move Auburn and Bama to the East. That would mean that UGA plays Bama and Auburn every year home and away on top of the usual SEC East schedule. UGA could have as its yearly West rival one of the newbies–either Oklahoma or Okie State. The other slot would rotate among the remaining West teams. That would liven up the home game schedule wouldn’t it?

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            • AusDawg85

              We could then play Bama in Birmingham, call it a “neutral site” and hear how the Georgia Way fans love the golf and BBQ. #newtraditions


              • It’s both funny and true. I love all that about going to Florida but not more than the money I’m wasting on season tickets for a crap home schedule. And, honestly, it’s really just about the crap home schedule. The money only comes in when I have to justify spending it and not getting much for it.


            • I want nothing to do with Bama in our SEC division.


  2. In whose words has Missouri been a valuable addition to the conference? We almost lost the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry and the 3rd Saturday in October, so Georgia and Tennessee could play Missouri and Alabama and Auburn could play Texas A&M annually. No thanks to any more expansion, and I would prefer contraction.


  3. HVL Dawg

    Remember, UNC and NCST may be required, by state law, to leave the ACC after the next round of ACC activism.

    20 million eyeballs in the 10th most populous state. Fits the geographic footprint.


  4. A&M kinda fit, I guess. But Missouri still doesn’t make any sense. If you could dump Missouri and pick up some combination of UNC, NC State, Clemson, FSU, then ok.

    Ideally I’d say boot SCU out too and pick up VT.


  5. Bware

    Senator, sorry this is off topic, but wanted to bring this to your attention to get your thoughts on SEC uniform drug policy. Seems like only a few coaches (football) would be opposed to a more punitive policy. Or does this bring to light a bigger societal issue that it’s not just football payers or “stoners” who do it and rules should be more lenient? Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Auburn softball players arrested, suspended for marijuana:


    • I’m not Senator and I haven’t smoked weed in years but the fact that we still have these kinds of punishment for misdemeanor weed is silly. I also find it totally hypocritical of Auburn to do this while their football players have free reign. Maybe they’re being sacrificed to keep up their ‘image’.


  6. Russ

    If by “expansion” he means “expanding A&M and Missouri back to the Big12” then sign me up!


  7. Why get rid of USC? I look forward to that game and it’s one of the few SEC campuses I can go to and not expect a fight every single time. If I could boot a school simply on the basis of their fan base Tennessee and Florida would be sent on a one way trip to Hell. I may even loathe UT more than FU now.