Today, in STFU

You’d think that hiring a strength coach who oversaw a process that led to three players going to the hospital, got suspended for a month as a result and caused the school to restrict his control over his own S&C program would be enough to make a head coach sensitive enough to avoid discussing the subject, but that’s not how Willie Taggert rolls.

He maintains that media accounts at the time mischaracterized the nature of the workouts and believes neither he nor Oderinde acted improperly.

“We know we didn’t do anything to try to hurt our kids. We’d done [the same program] everywhere we’ve been and never had a problem,” Taggart said. “I think our guys just overworked themselves and didn’t hydrate. … They were trying to impress the new coaches.”

Player shaming.  It’s what you do when you’re a dumbass head coach ineptly trying to cover his own ass.  See if those kids are willing to run through a wall for you in the future, Coach.



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4 responses to “Today, in STFU

  1. watcher16

    Hi argument is definitely valid, but yeah they could be a little more apologetic about the issue


  2. Captain Obvious

    next time he’ll learn in order to keep the media happy, he should have given the players orange slices with their participation trophies, then had the S&C staff make a pyramid with their arms, so the team could run through it


  3. Is Willie still fighting and banning news outlets that report what is actually going on during practices?