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I know I shouldn’t laugh about this…

… I mean, some Georgia booster was generous enough to fund it and it’s not as if the honoree is a bad guy, but is this the quintessential Georgia Way thing, or is this the quintessential Georgia Way thing?

A gift from a long-time University of Georgia supporter has created the Loran Smith Senior Associate Athletic Director for Sports Communications endowed position at UGA.

​The endowment honors Loran Smith who has been associated with UGA for over five decades as an athlete and multi-talented staff member.

​“We express our thanks and appreciation for this generous gift,” said J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Greg McGarity.

To name a senior department communications position — do they really need to hire a specialist to put off an Open Records Act request, anyway? — after a man whose calling card for most of the fan base was years spent conducting inane post-game interviews is almost perfect, but topping that with having a booster pony up for the cost of the job rather than taking money out of the reserve fund to pay the salary takes it up to a 10.

Ah, fuck it.  Excuse me while I go in a corner and laugh my arse off.



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Automatic pilot

What does it say about the Georgia Way that Georgia’s athletic department’s chief financial officer leaves and McGarity decides there’s no immediate need to replace him?

I’m thinking it says he can find anybody in the office to run a deposit over to the bank, but, eh, what do I know?


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Sure beats working for a living.

Coming from a guy who bailed on his team mid-season, this is hardly surprising:

Steve Spurrier was already enjoying retirement but said he’s enjoying it even more after seeing some of the new NCAA rules, particularly the early signing period and players taking official visits in April, May and June. “I sort of liked an offseason. There is no offseason now,” Spurrier told ESPN. “It’s year around, and guys go, go, go, but a lot of guys like that. They don’t go to the beach. They don’t play golf. They don’t travel. They don’t do other things in life. I think it helped me last 30 years as a head coach because I did have an offseason.”

Serious question:  of all the great head coaches in college football history, was Spurrier the least hard-working?  If the answer is yes, that’s kind of a compliment, if you think about it.


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Hey, that’s why they make the big bucks.

Quick, don’t look up the answer:  how many current SEC coaches are there who have won a the conference title? [Ed. note:  edited to clarify SEC titles only.]

The answer is here.


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Today, in headers

Somebody thinks he’s pretty clever.


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