I know I shouldn’t laugh about this…

… I mean, some Georgia booster was generous enough to fund it and it’s not as if the honoree is a bad guy, but is this the quintessential Georgia Way thing, or is this the quintessential Georgia Way thing?

A gift from a long-time University of Georgia supporter has created the Loran Smith Senior Associate Athletic Director for Sports Communications endowed position at UGA.

​The endowment honors Loran Smith who has been associated with UGA for over five decades as an athlete and multi-talented staff member.

​“We express our thanks and appreciation for this generous gift,” said J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Greg McGarity.

To name a senior department communications position — do they really need to hire a specialist to put off an Open Records Act request, anyway? — after a man whose calling card for most of the fan base was years spent conducting inane post-game interviews is almost perfect, but topping that with having a booster pony up for the cost of the job rather than taking money out of the reserve fund to pay the salary takes it up to a 10.

Ah, fuck it.  Excuse me while I go in a corner and laugh my arse off.


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  1. Nashville West

    I wonder if McG is waiting for someone to do this for the CFO position…



    Honestly, it honors Loran…I don’t see the big deal. It was important enough to the donor…as one who grew up listening to Larry ask Loran “whatcha got Loran” I am glad to see this.


  3. Luke

    Another great example of a stupid post on this forum. Usually during the fundraising process, a donor will be very specific about what they want their gift to honor and the impact that it makes. Im sure the donor wanted to honor Loran Smith, end of story.


    • Another great example of a commenter who didn’t read the first sentence of my post. End of story, indeed.

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    • By the way, I can’t help but notice you just started commenting here a couple of hours ago, and your tone is one of a loyal company man privy to inside knowledge. Do you work at Butts-Mehre?

      No snark intended here — if you do, I would love to hear from you about what’s going on there. I bet there are plenty of readers here who would, too.


  4. If an endowment for a position what was needed to keep the AD from sticking his foot in his mouth every time he opens it, great, but I doubt that ends up happening.

    I wonder if the AD would accept an endowment for the Jeremy Pruitt Coordinator of Defense.


  5. Guest

    When I first heard a UGA football game on the radio, I thought Loran Smith was some big booster’s idiot son and got the job through influence. Later, I read one of his columns in the ABJ and could scarcely believe it was the same person. How could someone be so eloquent at the typewriter keys and barely able to enunciate a coherent thought via the spoken word?

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  6. Guest

    My favorite Loran Smith moment was when Jim Donnan snapped at him during a post game interview. I thought, “Finally! I’ve been waiting years for some Georgia player or coach to shut that asshat up!”


    • dawgfan

      Lauren asked Donan why so many players were getting cramps during the game and something about pickle juice to help prevent them. I believe this was after a hard fought win over South Carolina. Donan almost lost it. Lauren stayed on 25 years too long. Road Munson’s coattails.


    • I do remember this one. Quite an interesting exchange.


      • Mayor

        This came during Donnan’s second year as I recall. UGA had not won both of its first two games of the season in years, having to play UT and USCe back to back in the first two weeks. There were years during Goof’s tenure where UGA lost both of the first two. Donnan get his second team to 2-0 and Loran comes out with the cramps question at the post game presser. Actually, Donnan was right. Part of the Georgia Way is to always focus on the negative, which is exactly what Loran’s question did. Donnan blasted him for it. I always thought there was something else going on between the two behind the scenes. Loran was a semi idiot. Why anybody would want Loran Smith to get any airtime as the voice/face of the University is beyond me.

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  7. Defacto_Dawg

    I realize this may be blasphemous but, in my view, Loran is emblematic of the complacency and permanent sense of living in the past that permeates Butts-Mehre. He once made great contributions to the UGAA but his time, and that of so many others, has come and gone.

    It seems that the suggestion that having “A Georgia Man” in an important position does not always ensure that the best man (or woman) is hired is lost on those in charge.

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  8. Derek

    Here’s our Harry Carey and he’s probably asked this question: https://youtu.be/8Cs5O0PEnYs


    • The Dawg abides

      He’s come close: ” We’re here with defensive end Charles Grant. Charles, you’re from South Georgia. Do you like boiled peanuts?” My absolute favorite Loran moment.


  9. Is it just me, or do i sense an off season theme here? Yea, probably just me…


  10. Napoleon BonerFart

    I can’t wait for the public statements from the LSSAADSC. “The UGA Athletic Department would like to come out in public support for boiled peanuts, the Greensboro Farmer’s Co-op, and the 1937 track and field team, led by Skippy Hanlan.”

    It should be invaluable.


  11. Hobnail_Boot

    This endowment is not to be confused with the Charles Grant, which afford its recipient 1 bag of boiled peanuts.


  12. Bulldog Joe

    Well, Senator,

    Have you put your application in yet?

    The Loran Smith Senior Associate Athletic Director for Sports Communications is a sweet title for what I am sure is a nice cushy position you could ride all the way to retirement.

    For the press conferences, just promise us you will use your Loran voice and suppress your laughter whenever the J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics speaks.

    Good luck and Godspeed.


  13. McTyre

    Infinitely more interesting a story would be who this J.
    Reid Parker person is (or was) and what he (or his heirs) thinks about the job the current AD is doing. I suppose a great luxury suite and McGoo’s cellphone number is good enough – professionalism and a commitment to excellence is asking too much.

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    • FisheriesDawg

      I didn’t know Reid Parker, but I can tell you from experience that his heirs are tremendous benefactors of the University in a number of capacities.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Reid Parker was a forestry prof at UGA for several decades and served as the faculty appointee on the athletic association for many years.

      I didn’t know him but I know many that did and to a man they describe him in glowing terms as one of those men from the greatest generation, etc.. I think he survived some harrowing experiences during WWII too.


      • Gaskilldawg

        If I recall correctly he was on the UGA swim team as an undergrad. He was appointed Athletic Director for Administration when I was a law student and I recall he was tremendously respected by everyone.


  14. Cojones

    Finally! B-M’s GOBs are being GOB-smacked for a change. Looking closely at their actions/activities along with a lookout for a Bd of Regent’s authoritarian personnel position on what our sports programs need has become too passe’ even for the stalwart fans to suffer any longer.

    I propose honorary pitchforks and torches be issued to contributing alums and used to clean out the joint. B-M needs a personnel pogrom laid on the copy-Bama and other prostitutions this group has been placing on our doorstep in a flaming paper bag as a solution to their ineptitude.

    Defacto_ Dawg stated this well at 2:00 PM.

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  15. DugLite

    This thread is GOLD.


  16. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I don’t hate it; I don’t love it. I just wish we were competitive across the board athletically. There’s no reason we couldn’t be Stanford East, and we’re not even close. This would be more interesting if we were. The only reason this matters is that this is considered important by someone at B-M.


    • Normaltown Mike

      well as someone above said, gifts like this are a reflection of the donor finding it important.

      I know personally that the top priority for fundraising at BM right now is the west end zone but if I told one of those guys “I’ll give 1,000,000 for the Senator Blutarski Director of Scooter Compliance endowment, they’d take it.


  17. Will Trane

    Another example of the “Georgia Way”?
    Or, is it what is c/k/a “incest is best” among the faithful about the BM crowd or groupies.
    Thanks AD for telling what the problem is about the sports programs, or lack thereof at UGA.
    To be frank here GM, it sounded as if your own words actually applied to you.
    I bet there is a moving van with the motor running and a GPS locked to your office and residence. There could be an opening at Baylor or Texas, or back in Gainesville.


  18. Will Trane

    I bet that every 5A thru 7A baseball high school coach in the state of Georgia could exceed the performance of the current “Ike Cousins Head Baseball Coach for the University of Georgia”, c/k/a, Coach Stricklin. And their salaries and benefits do not even come close to his.
    The laughter you hear above you in the sky is from Larry Munson, saying what is that Loran?


  19. Shane#1

    I hear that the coaches of the swim/dive teams and the horsey set may not have their contracts renewed. I guess winning makes the AD look bad. Keep up that winning and the fans could demand it in, say, football and basketball. Could be bad for the reserve fund.


  20. Hogbody Spradlin

    I grok that one bog element of “The Georgia Way” is Greg McGarity imitating Silas Marner, but . . . Where’s the self imposed 4 game suspension for the star player? That’s so morally impeccable!

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  21. Wes

    Does it make u feel better that I didn’t go to uga?????? I’m a U
    Wku graduate, life, but I for one am glad we recognize our athletes and give thme props


  22. Sherlock

    To name a senior department communications position — do they really need to hire a specialist to put off an Open Records Act request, anyway?

    All that happened is that someone paid to name Claude Felton’s position after Loran. Claude is widely known as one of the best in the business and isn’t deserving of needless snark. Seeking donations to the endowment that will permanently fund positions is one of the major priorities of University right now.


    • Sorry… must have missed the part where I mentioned Felton’s name.


      • Sherlock

        You equated “Senior Associate Athletic Director for Sports Communications”, i.e. Felton, to ” a specialist to put off an Open Records Act request”. I was not trying to imply that your snark was directed at Claude himself, but you were being snarky about his job and his title. I think this is another one of those times where your desire to shit on McGarity is detracting from the quality of the blog.


        • Your sanctimony is duly noted.

          Look, I’m not the one who brought Felton’s name into our little discussion. I didn’t mention him in my post. The official press release to which I linked didn’t mention Felton by name, either. It was you who chose to bring up the name of one of the few visible people at Butts-Mehre who are well regarded, and I think we both know why.

          The irony here is, as I’ve written before, it’s amazing, with the availability of someone who’s as good as his job as Felton is, that McGarity and the athletic department are so bad at PR. Had the announcement centered around Felton, the snark from me would have flowed just as easily, and I suspect your finger would have wagged just as easily, too.

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  23. JCDAWG83

    A simple case of the application of the “golden rule”, he who has the gold makes the rules. Or the old saying of “if you pay the fiddler, you call the tune”. I have no problem with naming a position after Loran, he’s been a big supporter of Georgia since his student days on the track team.


  24. Skeeter

    Stay tuned for next week when we bitch about Herschel and Uga. Geez.


  25. I told my Loran in the Lighthouse story once an everybody freakout out so I’m not going to tell it again.


  26. Goldfinger

    To me, the worst thing about the Georgia Way is that is leads faithful and well meaning Dawg fans down the road to bitterness.

    Loran gives inane sideline interviews? Yes. So what? Who doesn’t and what fan turns to the sideline reporter for insight? I like him because he is our inane sideline reporter, knows where all the tiny towns are, and thinks of boiled peanuts at awkward times. He’s also the guy that mailed my parents game film (think projection reels) in Germany during the late 1960s so that they could watch the games. I am sure he’s done countless other things like this during his time at UGA; which is exactly why somebody was willing to give a lot money to endow a position within a substandard organization. Someday many of us will miss hearing his voice in spite of the lack of insight.

    I wouldn’t give the AD a dime while under current management. Oh well, someone else did. It matters not re the future of GM and the Georgia Way – both sink or swim with the 2017 football season.


    • To me, the worst thing about the Georgia Way is that is leads faithful and well meaning Dawg fans down the road to bitterness.

      Guilty as charged, I’m afraid. But it’s not for failing to give them enough opportunities to prove me wrong.

      It’s very nice what Loran did for your folks. I went out of my way at the beginning of the post to say I didn’t object to the gift or to Loran personally; had this been merely about recognizing his service to the athletic program, I wouldn’t have typed a word about it. But, like it or not, Loran’s propensity for saying dumb things — something that’s survived his locker room days — is a trait that will be eternally linked to him. Just look at the comment thread to this very post for examples.

      That doesn’t make him a bad person, by any means. But it is humorous when you officially associate his name with a communications award.

      We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.


      • Goldfinger

        No disagreement and also guilty of walking down the bitter road. The irony you highlight is funny and likely to bring a chuckle for many years. We’ll probably need it.


      • JCDAWG83

        Senator, my dad and Loran were, and still are, good friends at Georgia. My dad was on the baseball team and Loran was on the track team and both lived in Payne Hall. I know Loran too and he is a really great guy.

        My dad still says he can’t believe Loran ended up on the radio. He says Loran was, without any doubt, the filthiest mouthed person at the University of Georgia when they were there. Loran loves the University of Georgia and everything about it. He is, for better or worse, an icon for several generations of Dawg fans who listened to him on the radio. I’m glad he’s going to have something named for him.

        Now, if some multi millionaire media industry alumni would give enough money to name the press box the “Larry Munson, University of Georgia Press Box”.


  27. How dare this website! You suck!!!!

    Sorry, I just saw some posts getting mad at SB so I figured I would join in