Save us, Obi Wan Emmert. You’re our only hope.

Showing its usual thoughtfulness, the NCAA uses the backdrop of the NFL draft to remind its student-athlete football players that the NFL, statistically speaking, is a pipe dream.

Now, math is math, so I’m not about to argue the stats there.  Just wondering, though — what do you think the percentage of highly rated recruits who get told by college coaches that their program can get them to the next level is?  You can sure bet it’s higher than 1.5%.  Which means, outside of a select few like Saban and Meyer, most are lying sacks of shit.

Maybe the NCAA ought to tweet about that.


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8 responses to “Save us, Obi Wan Emmert. You’re our only hope.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Even though Saban and Meyer get lots of players drafted, they’re lying sacks of shit too.

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  2. The NCAA is full of crap on this, too. I’m sure they are including every walk-on and Division III kid in their statistics.

    Lies, damn lies, and statistics …


  3. AusDawg85

    Maybe I’m terribly naive, but I don’t think every recruiting pitch nor every player includes the notion of making it to the NFL. Pretty sure for most it is the desire to have an improved college experience, including playing “professional” college ball, a chance at a better education, lots of spiffs, lots of work, and some better opportunities than not playing and not going to college.



    • Sherlock

      There is a reason that Florida Stae, which was the Florida State College for Women until after WW2 and didn’t play football until 1947, became a football power in the 80s. For a long time, and possibly still to this day, the major recruiting tactic at FSU was the girls from FAMU. The number one status symbol for a girl at FAMU was a guy from the FSU football team. The competition was fierce… kind of like being a 6’3″ rich white guy in Pattaya City, Thailand.


  4. jlord24

    quick read out the door and maybe I’m missing something, but “308 play professionally?” Isn’t that slightly under 6 in season Rosters?


  5. Maybe they should put down how much money the NCAA made off the drafted and non-drafted players


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