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Death of a meme

With the news that Aaron Murray is still on an NFL roster and Zach Mettenberger no longer is, that puts a whole new light on G-Day QBR.


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The SEC’s newest tradition

I’ve been waiting for this shoe to drop for a couple of years now.

Remember, it’s not your garden variety corporate naming.  It’s part of a “comprehensive partnership” in the SEC, where, after all, it just means more.

I suspect there are a lot more partners where that came from.



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Forget it, Jake. It’s 2013.

When it comes to Georgia football’s current shortcomings, it’s the one size fits all answer to every question.


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You’ve come a long way, baby.

Reading Seth Emerson’s post-spring depth chart for the secondary, I’m not struck so much by trying to figure out who plays where, as I am by the comparison to what Jeremy Pruitt had to work with in the defensive backfield when he showed up in 2014.  It’s one reason why it’s not crazy to expect an upward trajectory for the team this season.


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Again, with the Saban comparison?

Andy Staples offers a straw for you to clutch tightly going into the offseason.

While the state of Georgia led the nation in draftees produced, the University of Georgia had only one player drafted (receiver Isaiah McKenzie, who grew up in Florida). There, Kirby Smart, is your mandate. Given the sheer volume of talent pumped out in America’s eighth-largest state—the Peach State produced 15 draftees in ’16, 30 in ’15 and 25 in ’14—the most popular college football program in the state should be able to produce the same kind of draft classes as Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State on a consistent basis. If that happens, it also would coincide with at least a few SEC East titles and opens up the possibility of SEC titles and playoff berths. This is why Georgia replaced Mark Richt with Smart, and it will be up to Smart to cultivate his (extremely fertile) recruiting grounds. If he does, West Georgia will never again have more players chosen than Georgia in one draft.

If Smart needs any inspiration, he can think back to his time with Nick Saban at Alabama. That staff’s first season was ’07. In the ’08 NFL draft, teams selected zero Crimson Tide players. They’ve taken 65 since then.

Ah, there we go again with Alabama’s infamous 2007 season.  The comparisons are seemingly endless.  So, if history doesn’t repeat itself, whom should we point the finger at?


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Reaping what you sow, bowl games edition

Tell me, is there anything more adorable than a peeved Bill Hancock?

But the biggest shock wave to run through the system might have come last December, when standout running backs Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey chose to sit out the Citrus Bowl and the Sun Bowl, respectively. Both players had been injured during the regular season. Both had the support of their coaches when they decided not to play, saying they were instead focusing on their professional future. On Thursday, both players were among the top eight picks in the NFL Draft.

Their decisions, while controversial at the time, sparked a phrase that causes those in the bowl industry to fume: Their defenders said McCaffrey and Fournette (and Baylor running back Shock Linwood, too) were skipping “meaningless bowls.”

“The term ticks me off,” says Bill Hancock, executive director of the College Football Playoff, “because those bowls are not meaningless for those players.”

Hell, no, they’re not!  They’re a last opportunity to get hurt before the draft.  (Hey, it’s not my fault Hancock blows his grammar when he gets ticked off.)

Honestly, the real issue here is, of course, the hypocrisy.  The CFP isn’t the only driver here, but you sure can’t argue it hasn’t played its part in making the bowls less important than they once were.  Don’t take my word for that, either.

“We kind of created this trend,” Alabama’s Nick Saban told ESPN in December. “I said as soon as we had a playoff, we were going to minimize the importance of all the other bowl games. I’m not saying whether it’s good or bad, it kind of is what it is.”

But the Playoff might not be all that’s ailing the other bowls.

“I do think there has been attention shifted to those semifinals and the championship,” SEC commissioner Greg Sankey says. “That’s in a way undeniable. I don’t think that’s been the primary detraction from other postseason games.”

It’s just another consequence of the money chase.  The irony here is that what’s really brought things to crisis mode is that the players have figured out they can make the same kind of business decision the schools have been making for years.  There’s not much Bill Hancock or his clients can do about that, either.


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Putting the “E” back into ESPN

A faithful reader sent me a link to another story about last week’s layoffs at Mickey’s World.  You can argue about the underlying economics and the impact of ESPN’s perceived grasp of liberal politics all you want, but what’s more interesting to me is that the axe fell on the journalism side of the operation, rather than the personality side… which tells me all I need to know about where the WWL intends to go to keep the non-cord cutters tuning in.

From my selfish standpoint, it’s even more reason not to watch.  I probably need to investigate cord-cutting myself.  Who’s taken that step, and how are you still able to watch college (that is, Georgia) football in the fall?  Let me know in the comments.


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For the romantics out there…

I post this entirely snark-free.  If you’re looking for a D-1 school that’s not offering itself as a stepping stone to professional football, you might want to think about rooting for the Air Force Academy.


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While you were sleeping…

Elijah Holyfield had himself an eventful morning.

It’s starting to look like hosting Appy State for the opener was a prudent call.


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Musical palate cleanser, Jagger-Richards songbook edition

I like The Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony” on its merits…

… but it’s the backstory that really makes the song.


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