Death of a meme

With the news that Aaron Murray is still on an NFL roster and Zach Mettenberger no longer is, that puts a whole new light on G-Day QBR.


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  1. dawgtired

    Well I guess I’m having crow for dinner. I was one that always thought Murray was a college QB while Zach fit the NFL-body-type and would play on Sundays. But what do I know, I thought we would beat Vandy last year.


  2. Otto

    Mett could still sign with another team. Has Murray ever started or completed a regular season pass?


  3. Mayor

    I hope the Rams give Murray a real chance. I still believe Murray can play pro football and be a success. He’s another Drew Brees IMHO.


    • Walt

      He’s nit really another Brees. Brees was a first round pick and us headed to the Hall of Fame. Guys like Brees are pretty rare.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        I think Brees was 2nd round to San Diego. Not sure he’s HOF material either, unless he starts winning a heck of a lot of games in his remaining few years. He’s Archie Manning or Warren Moon with a super bowl ring.

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        • dawgman3000

          Drew Brees has more passing yards than Dan Marino and a super bowl ring, and you don’t think he is Hall of fame material? I’m hardcore falcon fan, but it’s hard to take you serious after a comment like that.

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        • James Stephenson

          I hate the Aints as much as any other Falcons fan. But Brees is in the hall.


      • Derek

        Guys like Brees are singular…. so far. That’s why I thought Aaron’s chances as a starting NFL QB were low. How many 6 foot pocket passers have made it in my lifetime? One. Drew Brees.

        As far as Mett being the better choice over Murray, well that’s just laughable.


        • Mayor

          Aaron’s not really just a pocket passer. He’s actually pretty damn mobile assuming his knee has mended like we have been told. I probably did the wrong comparison above. Aaron is more like Russell Wilson than Brees but I also think Aaron is more accurate than Wilson..


    • thejet

      drew brees-omg man. AM will never earn a start for any team, he’s insurance, he only starts if people get injured..I liked him on the Bachelor though, he’s a decent actor.


  4. HVL Dawg

    He’s been a practice squad guy. That doesn’t pay near the same as the NFL minimum. He hasn’t made a team roster in a while. I wonder if years on the practice squad count toward NFL retirement vesting? Probably not.

    Good luck Aaron. We want to see you play!


  5. CB

    10 starts, 2300+ career passing yards at 60% with 7 TD’s versus No stats accumulated.

    Which are you writing home about?


  6. Macallanlover

    It’s all possible but I don’t think Josh Dobbs is an NFL level QB because of the consistently bad accuracy he displayed. Smart guy, decent set of wheels, but erratic with his throws and the system he was in didn’t do him any favors in prepping for the next level. Maybe Gruden worked wonders for him after the season and he will succeed but another risky QB draft pick to me.


  7. thejet

    Death of a meme? Hardly. Whoever predicted Mettenberger would have a better statistical career than Murray looks like a genius right now. Did AM even throw a pass yet in a live game, does he even have any statistics to compare to ZM? ZM is really good when he has a decent line and decent receivers around him, AM has been a royal NFL flop as a career clipboard holder. ZM should get picked up soon by another team.