Forget it, Jake. It’s 2013.

When it comes to Georgia football’s current shortcomings, it’s the one size fits all answer to every question.


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8 responses to “Forget it, Jake. It’s 2013.

  1. Well, he’s not wrong.


  2. DawgPhan

    Such a weird class. The largest that Richt ever signed, if not has to be close.

    Seems like that class got caught in a lot of turn over on the coaching staff.


  3. Mayor

    One thing Kirby and his minions are good at is blaming Mark Richt for anything and everything that doesn’t go the way Kirby wants. That Hail Mary UT completed to win the game–that’s Mark Richt’s fault for not teaching his players how to defend against long passes. The 5 losses last season–Mark Richt again because he didn’t sign the right players in 2013. And on and on and on…….


    • Otto

      It wasn’t Richt’s fault for not defending the long pass. The team didn’t know how to act like winners and was celebrating early resulting in a penalty which gave UT great field position. Richt supporters didn’t understand how far behind Richt was.


      • Macallanlover

        But you, the guy blinded by hate and still obsessed understands all. Ever notice it the haters that are the one’s who bring the name up all the time? Those who respect what he did for us, aren’t so uncomfortable about our thoughts on the man. He isn’t our coach any longer, we accept the change and can still wish a good man the best in his current position…while hoping for the best from his successor. Why can’t the hate group move on?


    • dawgman3000

      “The 5 losses last season–Mark Richt again because he didn’t sign the right players in 2013. ”

      I guess Kirby made Richt sign that fantastic class, smh. You know, I understand being upset about how the season played out last year, but some of the complaining about this current staff is ridiculous. Now if this season plays out similar to last, then I’ll be right here complaining with you.


    • SMH

      What a joke to focus on the past? Mark richt is a great man and very good coach, but he is no longer at uga and Kirby did not fire him! Get over your pity party, get behind the current regime, or move on because your whiny attitude is tiresome. Go Kirby, go dawgs and look out for the U!


    • Bob's your Uncle

      Actually, Mayor, I would like for you to find one press conference, one interview where Kirby Smart directly or indirectly blames Mark Richt for anything since he has taken the head coaching job at Georgia?

      Now, there maybe fans that have, but I’ve never heard any of the current coaching staff blame the previous coaching staff.

      However, I do blame the Mark Richt and the previous coaching staff for doing a piss poor job of evaluating and recruiting offensive line talent to UGA the last 5 years. Hell, Utah recruited and evaluated better than the previous coaching staff when it came to the o-line. And that did contribute, in part, to last year’s 8-5 record.

      Liked Mark Richt, but it was time for him to go because his system wasn’t working anymore at Georgia.