When is a football coach a “university leader”?

When they need the big bucks, man.

Football coach Kirby Smart will be appearing in some big cities in the weeks ahead on a speaking tour to a select audience of invitation-only University of Georgia donors.

… The events, which will include UGA president Jere Morehead, are being dubbed “Champions for Scholars,” and are structured as campus-run events moreso than athletic.

“We’re inviting donors that have been donors to the university and have given gifts to the university for an opportunity to interact with our leadership and thank them for what they’ve done for us,” said Matt Borman, executive associate athletic director for development and executive director of the Georgia Bulldog Club .

But don’t worry, hoi polloi, about your access, says Mr. Borman.  The athletic department’s got you covered.  Kind of, sort of, anyway.

Borman said that there will be some other events in Georgia in July or August that “we’re trying to see as many fans as we can.” That would have a format similar to UGA Days in the past and would be open to a general audience no matter their level of giving.

Borman said he isn’t sure if Smart will be able to be at those this year depending on his schedule.

“We’ll have to look at everybody’s schedule and see who can join us,” he said. “That’s why the details are still coming together.”

Yeah, those details sure can be pesky.  Just don’t forget to send those Hartman donations in the meantime, peeps.  Smart may not be able to thank you in person, but you know he’ll be right there with you in spirit.


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19 responses to “When is a football coach a “university leader”?

  1. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    All this does is reinforce the “Fan as Wallet” notion. They’ve already started losing small donors. This could accelerate the process.


  2. Russ

    I guess I should feel honored that they’re coming to Houston. I signed up last year (or maybe it was the year before) but it got flooded out.


  3. BulldogGemes

    Wow, Coach Smart is so busy he can’t even block out time on his schedule a few months in advance to meet the people that pay the bills, hope this pays off when the season starts


    • Normaltown Mike

      he negotiated a limited number of appearances in his contract.

      To be fair though, CMR didn’t hit up the Bulldog Clubs nearly as much as his predecessors.


  4. Argondawg

    Does being a dick help you win?
    Do people turn into dicks because they are winning?
    I’m not sure which is firs here the cart or the horse. It seems every time I turn around there is a big pile of steaming shite on my doorstep that says thank you UGA alum for your support and here is a gesture of our appreciation. Gives me the warm and fuzzys.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Kirby is the same guy he was 20 years ago. If you know any alums that were here in that era, ask them for a Kirby story.

      UGA is working with the guy they have. I’m willing to bet that Vince makes more appearances in a year than Kirby and he’s been retired for 15 years.


  5. What. The. Fuck.


  6. Macallanlover

    Any of you here aware of a “secret society” like group of UGA alums, invitation only? Small, but influential group and more exclusive than the booster groups at some other SEC schools that you hear about. Not asking if any of you are members, just surprised it has never been brought up before.


    • Normaltown Mike

      I think you mean Gridiron but I can’t help but ask…

      who makes Steve Guttenberg a star!


  7. Sherlock

    Champions for Scholars is an event coordinated by the Alumni Association. The events are for people that donate to the University and the Georgia Fund in support of the University’s real mission – not to the Athletic Association or the Hartman Fund.


    • Russ

      Agreed. It’s coming to Houston via the Alumni Society. I don’t send money to the AA (except through my cable fees, which are considerable).


      • Sherlock

        I was just trying to explain this to those that don’t GAS about the University outside of the football team. Apparently they still don’t get it.


  8. HVL Dawg

    Get real people. The fans have plenty enough access to the man.

    Kirby can only go to so many meet and greets. Wouldn’t you want him to meet with the people who can and do give millions to your beloved school?


  9. Bright Idea

    I don’t get invited to anything nor do I care to. Rubbing flesh with Kirby or any other big shot does nothing for me but winning games does. I can’t even watch practice through the fence while big donors can get access but that doesn’t bother me either. The performance level of UGA athletics does bother me and that may be the real reason the great unwashed aren’t getting invited to anything.


  10. Tatum

    Maybe Loran can come out and tell some stories when Kirby isn’t available. That’d be worth that Hartman Fund donation, amirite?


  11. Usually I would feel bad for the coach. But the way Kirby acts to others (both publicly and privately) and the fact that he makes ridiculous amounts of money while having done nothing as an actually HC…makes me feel little to no sympathy for him.

    The fact that anyone at UGA would try to pass off that Kirby may not make “general attendance” sessions but would make paying ones….as some sort of coincidence is absurd but sounds about right for our administration