Is the balance of power in the SEC shifting?

Jim Donnan, in the aforementioned Finebaum interview, believes the East is on the upswing, in significant part because of improved quarterback play.  Maybe he’s even right about that, but I’m in a wait and see mode.

That being said, what may level things out more is that the West appears to be in something of a decline.  Take a look at this divisional power poll from Roll ‘Bama Roll.  There don’t appear to be many strong defensive teams in the West this season (the line about Nick Fitzgerald throwing four interceptions in MSU’s spring game against a Todd Grantham secondary probably deserves an Envy and Jealousy post).  I wonder if the shift of several teams in that division to spread attacks — admittedly, to varying degrees — has contributed to a decline on the other side of the ball.

I’m not sure how this all shakes out, to be truthful.  Other than 2017 likely being a rerun of 2016’s Alabama and the Thirteen Dwarfs, that is.


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12 responses to “Is the balance of power in the SEC shifting?

  1. Macallanlover

    East being Dawgraded for sure. I feel the East will be better, almost across the board, and will be competitive with the West…which is more the norm at the top and middle. The last four years haven’t been the norm but it is difficult to compare favorably when Vandy and Kentucky are traditionally so weak, and TN fighting to put the dumpster fire out. Add in the level of cheating we saw at Ole Miss and you have the very reactive media making more of that than was justified.

    Has Bama been on a tear? Absolutley, and they would make any conference look less powerful. I don’t see this year as Bama and 13 dwarfs, and was that really true the last 8 years? Better without a doubt, but they were pushed/beaten every year. SEC is fine, and even the weakened East would look much better if it were a part of any other conference. Should be fun to watch an improved Vandy, Kentucky, and SC try to run Sgt. Carter out of Knox Vegas.


    • Got Cowdog

      I hope they don’t run Kirby out of Athens.


      • dawgman3000

        After this season, if we are still worried about UK and Vandy, then maybe Kirby should be run out of town.


        • Got Cowdog

          My point exactly. Won’t happen though, buyouts cost money. If Coach’s salaries continue to increase, even if we stay at 8-5 he’ll be a bargain at the end and will get an extension. Like it or not, folks, Kirby’s here to stay.


          • Mayor

            No way Jose. If Kirby has another 8-5 season with Chubb and Sony coming back Kirby might not get fired but there won’t be an extension.


  2. I don’t see this year as Bama and 13 dwarfs, and was that really true the last 8 years?

    Last 8 years? No.

    Last year? Yes.


    • Macallanlover

      True enough for 2016, and that is what you said, I apologize because I responded to the commentary I hear so much elsewhere. Been tired of hearing the national media folks act as if this level of domination is similar to, and as long running as, the Big 2/Little 8 period in the rust belt area. Bama’s run has been impressive, but it is not indicative of a walk over in very many years. Credit where it is due but let’s not put them on a pedestal, they were challenged by 2-3 SEC teams in almost every one of their championship years. I think ohio and meechigan have over 90 combined conference titles, and who in their conference really pushed them in the vast majority of those years? Same with USC on the West Coast. All this to say, there is a very good competition every year in the SEC, even in the majority of Bama’s recent run.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I don’t know if the sec east is emerging, but I believe every team has a legit shot of winning 6 games and becoming bowl eligible. I think the biggest off-season news in the division is fu’s DC Collins leaving for Temple, along with the loss of starters at fu and ut – the 2 teams that finished ahead of us in ’16.


    • Sherlock

      I’m not sure what to think about FU hiring Randy Shannon as DC. He hasn’t called plays in over a decade, but ,as DC at Miami, he fielded a top 10 defense every year but one. I don’t how that reflects how good of a coordinator he is vs how well they were recruiting at the time. I wonder if there is a reason why he spent 5 years floating around as a LB coach after losing the Miami HC gig.


  4. DawgPhan

    I am assuming that by the time everyone heads to Hoover, Auburn will be the second best team in the West and UGA will be the pick for the East.

    Where would UGA or Auburn land if they were in any other Power 5 conference. Would either be the pick to make the title game @ media days for any power 5 conference?

    Maybe the big 12. Depending on how much buy-in Herman gets on championship level urine.


  5. hassan

    It’s always pendulum.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    The SEC East went 5-10 vs. the SEC West in 2016 and 2-13 vs the SEC West in 2015.

    So no. The West is still dominant.