On second thought, maybe that wasn’t such a great idea after all.

The judge who excoriated Charlie Strong in open court has recused herself from the underlying case, citing a state judicial rule about a defendant fearing he won’t get a fair hearing because of “prejudice or bias of the judge.”

Obviously, Mark Richt has lost control over the Florida criminal courts.


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8 responses to “On second thought, maybe that wasn’t such a great idea after all.

  1. As an attorney, people would be surprised how often Judges go off on these types of rants. I have been in the Courtroom and seen Judges talk for 10-15 minutes on some off-topic subject.

    In this case, he rant was somewhat on-topic with Strong but still….a bit too strong, imo

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    • heyberto

      I’m not opposed to rants. Not opposed to explaining why things turned out the way they did on a verdict or anecdotes during a trial that have a purpose… I’m ok with them taking the time they want to do that. But this was different than almost any other Judge’s admonishment I’ve ever seen. It was personal in the extreme. One can argue whether she was right in her rant or not, but it’s the personal nature of her rant that’s the problem in my view. So, on-topic? Yes. But waaay out of bounds.


  2. Derek

    It’s a good thing that they keep the vast majority of their prejudicial biases to themselves. The whole fucking system would breakdown otherwise.

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  3. HVL Dawg

    Gee, it was hard to see that coming.


  4. The failure to include personal accountability aside, isn’t this only his first year there?? Even if these kids completely lacked the ability to think for themselves or make their own decisions he hasn’t been there long enough to be able to for the blame for “bad culture”.

    This is what we need more of…people in a position of power and influence telling everyone that it’s ok to blame someone else for your decisions. Ugh!


  5. reality check here

    Arrogant, ignorant judges – and lawyers – aren’t that hard to find. This one is more reprehensible (to use her word to describe Strong) than some.

    There are many in law who are decent human beings but bullies and jerks are disproportionately represented.


    • Dawgy1

      At least she recused herself. Many times these ahole judges should recuse themselves and don’t.


  6. Showed the original admonishment to my spouse(former lawyer and judge) and she muttered some obscene comments about going way too far over the line and judges who think they are God comments. At least this one recused herself. That is good. Some would not.