Suing over suing

Maybe it’s just that the NCAA likes being in court.



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  1. reality check here

    This is a valid lawsuit with a lot of money at stake. They bought insurance and the insurance companies won’t pay. The only intelligent thing to do is litigate.


    • Cuts both ways, as the insurance companies appear to have a valid explanation for denial of coverage.

      In any event, there’s a lot of litigation going on.


      • reality check here

        Lawyers on both sides always come up with valid positions for their clients. I agree it cuts both ways.

        I agree there is a lot of litigation going on, but when there is a disagreement and a lot of money at stake litigation is inevitable. Other than the lawyers I won’t predict which side will win.

        I also agree there will be lots more litigation to come with all the money involved.


      • Mayor

        Coverage question litigation. Hmmmm, hmmmm. Tasty. 🙂


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Did they bring suit in Judge Claudia Wilken’s district? Considering we’re talking about the ncaa, somehow the insurance companies might end up making money on this suit.


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I want to know what the premiums were that XL Specialty charged. After the 2005 case, who thought there would not be any more litigation? Or, that whatever litigation took place it would still be manageable. Did they not know what lawyers do?

    If you were sitting at Lloyd’s coffee house and knew the Titanic was going to hit an iceberg, would you have been willing to issue a policy anyway? The whole thing seems weird to me. Who is more in denial? The NCAA or XL Specialty?


  4. steve

    Yeah…. I tried to comprehend the USA article but gave up when misplaced modifiers and complexity hit ‘The Analogy of the Divided Line’ by Plato…..then I spotted an even more interesting thread at the bottom of the page….something about the ‘tiniest bikini in Mexico’….nothing misplaced there except unnecessary fabric.