The ACC’s need for reassurance

There’s so much to love about this.

Experts in scare quotes, for starters.  The absoluteness of “total confirmation”, too.

All that bravado doesn’t mask the fact that Swofford has felt the need to conduct multiple conversations with the suits at ESPN to make sure the ACC Network is still a thing, or that he in turn has had to provide confirmation to his conference members that it’s still a go.

Don’t rush to spend that money, boys.


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4 responses to “The ACC’s need for reassurance

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    What is a “linear” network? And why does it make me want to be a ‘non-linear’ advocate?


  2. Captain Obvious

    they better do something quick to generate more revenue as I keep hearing the Big10 wants to pick off two of their schools in their next expansion


  3. DoubleDawg1318

    I will laugh really hard if the ACC doesn’t get their network. They’ve definitely got an annoying little brother mentality next to the SEC.