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Name that caption is out of control today.

I don’t even know where to go with this.

I’m not sure that’s McElwain, for starters.  Considering the source, though, I’m not sure how much difference that makes, either.



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Eight more years!

If you think that SEC football is in something of a slump of late and that one of the driving reasons behind that is the relative mediocrity of its coaches — is Dan Mullen the SEC’s second best head coach now? — and you think the driving reason behind that is Nick Saban’s dominant run and the effect that has had on rival programs’ firing and hiring decisions… well, then, you probably don’t want to think too hard about this.


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“Today’s decision came as a surprise, but I own the fact that you expect better results…”


I’ve mentioned previously that Texas, with its newfound commitment to using its athletic resources more aggressively, makes for an interesting controlled experiment in comparison with Georgia over the next few years.

Now, with the news that just barely into his second month on the job, Tennessee’s new athletic director has fired a men’s tennis coach with nine NCAA tournament appearances in eleven years (including one trip to the finals), I can’t help but wonder if a second front of comparison has opened up.

Of course, even if it has, it hardly matters if no one calling the shots at Butts-Mehre cares much.


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