Eight more years!

If you think that SEC football is in something of a slump of late and that one of the driving reasons behind that is the relative mediocrity of its coaches — is Dan Mullen the SEC’s second best head coach now? — and you think the driving reason behind that is Nick Saban’s dominant run and the effect that has had on rival programs’ firing and hiring decisions… well, then, you probably don’t want to think too hard about this.


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  1. Derek

    The last time only one sec team finished in the top 10 in back to back years was 1978-79. Bear was 65. Two things changed things: Herschel and old age.

    Pretty sure we’re not getting a Herschel, but time will not be denied.

    If, and they are huge ifs, these freshman linemen can be Trinton Sturdivant-like legit and Ridley and Holloman and Godwin and Mecole can create seperation AND Jacob progresses, we could have a similar set up to 2012. Then we’ve got to finish this time….

    For now, I’m just hoping for some second year magic.


    • Mayor

      We already got another Herschel. His name is Nick Chubb. It didn’t do any good.


      • Macallanlover

        “almost got another Herschel” FIFY But we only had him one full season, although we may another out of him in 2017. Gurley was another “almost” as well. If reports prove right and we get Zamir White, I believe we will have another 3-4 years of having a superstar RB beginning in 2018. I know it is crazy to put that much on a HS running back but if you have watched his videos the past 2-3 years you will see what I mean, Also a strong character guy and workaholic.


      • Derek

        Seriously? Nick Chubb ain’t no Herschel walker. That’s just crazy talk. Nick Chubb isn’t even a first round pick in projections I’ve seen. Herschel was the greatest college football player evah! There is no college back correlation to Herschel unless you want to assume Barry sanders performed for three years like he did in the year he won the heisman, but he didn’t… Herschel is singular.


    • unclebeezer

      Biggest difference between Bear and Saban is health. Saban is relatively healthy, whereas Bear was still on the Chesterfiled and Scotch train and had heart issues as early as 1977. Barring significant health issues, I think Saban will be able to coach at a high level further beyond 65 than Bear did.

      At some point, time will catch up to him though. Gotta enjoy the ride while it lasts! Roll Tide!


  2. "The" ChilliDawg

    Wow! How quickly the mighty have fallen. And to think Kevin Sumlin was being dubbed the “next great coach” a couple of years back. Does the rest of the conference get smarter/better when Dabo arrives?


  3. Russ

    No way he stays the full 8 years. That said, he is the youngest 65 year old man I’ve seen. This “grind” must really agree with him and his health.


  4. Bright Idea

    Saban doesn’t have the typical family situation demanding a lot of time, his wife is all in and a goddess in Bama. He has a very intimidated local press that readers would skewer for questioning him and good health. Add in a totally supportive administration and He could easily go another 8 or longer.

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  5. UGA85

    Saban is beatable. We have seen that. Imagine, for instance, if UGA had somehow hired Dabo, instead of Clemson (fiction I know). Watson stays in state, the recruiting at UGA almost certainly rivals, or surpasses Bama, and the SEC balance of power shifts to Athens. It can be done, no doubt, with the right coach and the talent in our state. Here’s to hoping that CKS is the next Dabo, because I think a few years of not winning the SEC would hasten Saban’s exit.


  6. No way he coaches that long. But he knows as long as that number is out there his own timeline won’t hurt him in recruiting.


  7. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    You can have a champion coach or a champion reserve fund. Don’t think you can have both.

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    • 69Dawg


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    • JCDAWG83

      Championships would do more for pumping up the reserve fund than any penny pinching could ever hope to. Bama is awash in money since Saban arrived. Fans will open their wallets very wide when they see great results on the field.

      Georgia is trying to “cheap” it’s way to having a big reserve fund. It will work for a while but the fans will run out of patience if they don’t get something to be excited about soon.


  8. ApalachDawg

    Dabo, good coach?. Please.
    Let’s see how does without the QB & a new D.
    This was a team on the ropes to low tier ACC clubs.