“Today’s decision came as a surprise, but I own the fact that you expect better results…”


I’ve mentioned previously that Texas, with its newfound commitment to using its athletic resources more aggressively, makes for an interesting controlled experiment in comparison with Georgia over the next few years.

Now, with the news that just barely into his second month on the job, Tennessee’s new athletic director has fired a men’s tennis coach with nine NCAA tournament appearances in eleven years (including one trip to the finals), I can’t help but wonder if a second front of comparison has opened up.

Of course, even if it has, it hardly matters if no one calling the shots at Butts-Mehre cares much.



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10 responses to ““Today’s decision came as a surprise, but I own the fact that you expect better results…”

  1. There’s no way we’re going to open up the reserve/slush fund in pursuit of athletic excellence. Under current leadership and the Georgia Way, we’ll always be 1 or 2 steps behind in facilities or financial commitment.


  2. Walt

    Winterbotham is a great recruiter and coach. I was told a few years back by the wife of a former SEC tennis coach that Winterbotham was not real likable. Perhaps he just got on the wrong side of the new AD. This situation might not bode well for Butch.


  3. Derek

    I don’t think firing successful coaches is a model worth following. Of course, we can’t say that we haven’t tried it ourselves.


  4. Dawg in Championship Exile

    The UGA boosters, alumni and all around fan base, has accepted mediocrity across the entire athletic department for far to long. The entire culture has to change. The money needs to be spent wisely, but it needs to be spent. #UgaNation


  5. Macallanlover

    Even though he doesn’t seem to have total decision making authority, he still needs to go for his PR incompetence and because he is a figure of ridicule. If you were the decision maker would you like trotting him out in front of microphones to represent you? He is a total embarrassment for the university. even if he is just a puppet/figure head.

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  6. gastr1

    This is an AD who definitely has his preferences re: coaches. Booch better be in his good side if he wants to stick around, because success is less important to Currie than having his right coach in place.