And you thought the AJ-C was bad.

Boom’s got a bone to pick with the local paper.

“I’ll look at The State newspaper like the National Enquirer now. Seriously. The magazine with aliens and stuff…”

He’s got a point, too.  Sort of.

… He had heard from a police spokesperson that said they told The State newspaper, ‘You really don’t need to run this, because this is the account of one person in the bar that night. One person’s opinion of what happened.’ It was totally incorrect.

“So I called (executive editor) Mark Lett, the editor of The State paper. I said, ‘Mark, you really messed this one up. Deebo Samuel wasn’t there, and I think in the investigation, we’re going to find out Skai Moore didn’t do a whole lot of anything.’ He wanted to stand by the story. He wanted to stand by the incident report, after he was told you don’t need to run this because it’s inaccurate and could be really wrong.

In other words, the paper ran with what the arresting cops reported in a public document.  That may not be what Muschamp wants, but it’s based in reality.  As far as an apology or retraction goes, it the State has gone on to report the facts as they currently stand, that’s probably as far as it goes.  If there’s an apology due from anyone, it’s whoever name-dropped the wrong folks in the incident report.  Good luck with that, Coach.



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17 responses to “And you thought the AJ-C was bad.

  1. Eh, I agree with WM on this one. I understand that the documents were there for the reporting but I still wish newspapers and people stood back and got the facts before reporting every last thing…..also, even if we were to say that the State had a right to write the initial story, why not issue another story clearing the boys?


  2. TnDawg

    The power of the press, and the press loves it.
    Power corrupts, and guess what, the press doesn’t give a damn. Just print it! Who cares if its accurate?


  3. HVL Dawg

    Get ’em Will.

    Grrrrrrrrr, woof , woof, woof!


  4. This is bs. There’s nothing wrong with printing what’s in a police report. If you have a problem with the quality of the information, take it up with the Police Department. If police reports tend to be fiction in your mind, ignore news stories about police reports.

    As far as what Will told the State, my strong suspicion is that he didn’t want to go on the record, he just wanted the story to go away. I doubt seriously that the reporter would have declined to quote Will and will hasn’t said that they did. Moreover, I guarantee that if the USC press office put out a different story in a press release, the state would have printed it.

    In fact, without even looking, I’d be willing to bet that Will’s bitching about the newspaper is currently being printed by that same newspaper.


    • gastr1

      I guess it shouldn’t surprise me how many idiots think somehow the newspaper is at fault for reporting what was written on a police report. If I’m the editor at that paper, the next story is “idiot police clear wrongly incriminated persons; newspaper tells coach to stick it up his ass.”


  5. Walt

    I’d like to know Don in Mar-a-Lago’s take on this,


  6. Macallanlover

    People still read newspapers? And believe the media? That’s living dangerously, journalism has left the building. But it is surprising that the alleged police report, allegedly said, the alleged players were allegedly involved in the alleged incident wasn’t qualified to allow plausible deniability. Instead, we are now left with Boom’s laid back take on the alleged fight.


    • Shane#1

      Like the alleged hookers in the alleged hotel room?


      • Macallanlover

        Or the alleged hotel room that SC was, allegedly, using for a dorm room a few years ago. Hate that Boom has become our only reliable source for news in the mid-state area, at least Spurrier had some credibility as a straight shooter.


      • Mayor

        What’s Craig James got to do with any of this?


    • Walt

      Oh bullshit. Media has not undergone some fundamental change. The perception of media has undergone a change by people who refuse to face facts.


  7. 69Dawg

    What is the SC equivalent of 37F???


    • Macallanlover

      Wrong fu coach. SC should be pleased anyone shows up to give them some attention. Boom needs to continue working on his PR skills, didn’t really understand why Kirby wanted him anyway.