Junior needed name tags.

So, Laner, how big was Alabama’s staff when you were there?

… Kiffin was asked about some of the differences between FAU and Alabama, and Kiffin claimed that the support staff at Alabama was so large that he had trouble remembering names.

“I was there three years, and I still didn’t learn everybody’s name in that building,” Kiffin said. “There were so many people. There’s somebody for everything. [Alabama coach Nick Saban] has a very large staff of a lot of people. Obviously, he’s done that so he that he’s got all areas covered and everybody for something.”

I’m not sure if that’s more a reflection of Saban or Kiffin there.

I guess we’ll know the Process has really embedded itself in Athens when McGarity can’t remember the names of all the people he let Kirby hire.



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4 responses to “Junior needed name tags.

  1. Am I to believe that ADGM really can remember a lot of names?


  2. Walt

    Maybe when McGarity can’t remember the names of all his failed coaching hires. Eh, what was that volleyball coaches name again?


  3. Cousin Eddie

    McG can’t tell you the names of all the staff hires now but he knows the salary and contract terms. Wonder if he greets people, “Hello, 2 years at $350,000. How are you doing?”

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