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Proof that the world isn’t ending soon

Notre Dame and the ACC announced they’ve scheduled future games through the 2037 season.

Guess I’ll sleep easier tonight.


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“Students need to go into this with their eyes open.”

You gotta love the advice Mid-American Conference commissioner Jon Steinbrecher gives recruits faced with the risk of signing early and having the coach they expect to play for depart before they ever make it to campus.

“Certainly there are some changes after that, and we certainly know that assistant coaches can change at virtually any time. Students have to contemplate all of that and take that into consideration when they make a determination on whether they want to sign early or not.”

Hell, schools have lawyers out the wazoo, not to mention contract buyout clauses, and they can’t keep a handle on coaches jumping ship on a moment’s notice, but a seventeen-year old without a legal advisor, who gets told who knows what on the recruiting trail — don’t forget the always comforting “you sign with a school, not a coach” wisdom that’s particularly meaningful to a kid who faces a complete regime change when an athletic director replaces a Chan Gailey-type with a Paul Johnson-type — is supposed to have all this under control?

Sure.  After all, Steinbrecher is quick to point out it works for basketball.

“The (NLI) is administered by the (CCA) and I know that’s an issue that continues to be studied and discussed, but I’d also note we have early signing periods in other sports with the same sort of requirements that we have in football,” Steinbrecher said.

One little difference, though.

The one fundamental difference between basketball and football is that the average football recruiting class is significantly bigger than basketball. Managing 20-25 players looking for a release after a football coaching change would be considerably more challenging than two or three basketball recruits.

Yeah, we can’t inconvenience the schools.  After all, that’s what the recruits commit to, right?



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Musical palate cleanser, we all need a laugh today edition

Friends, without further ado, here’s the Reverend Billy C. Wirtz performing his immortal “Stairway to Freebird”.

Can I get an “amen”?  (Or is it “ay-mayen”?)


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