Even “Champions of Life” need bling.

For a program that couldn’t even win its own division last season, Tennessee sure likes handing out rings.


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    Did our kids at least get some good Q while in Memphis? That is where we played, right?


  2. Heyberto

    That’s Paul Johnson’s Georgia Tech level stuff there. Dare I say…. Chantatic?


  3. “The Vols “Music City Bowl Champions” rings came in at a cost just south of $40,000.”

    Coach, can I please sell this to pay for my additional living expenses?


  4. dawgman3000

    Participation trophies coming soon to a campus near you!

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  5. Mayor

    Another good reason to commit to UT–participation rings. Do they get a trophy too?


  6. Uglydawg

    This just makes the early GT/TN match-up even more special. Will there be rings for that one? I can see PJ handing out rings rings while proclaiming that “Tech was first runner up while Tennessee came in next to last”, or vice versa.
    After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve got to pull for GT to lose this one, though. It was a tough decision.
    Maybe Senator Bluto can have a contest where we see who can come up with the best title for that game. My first entry is “The Toilet Ring Bowl”.


  7. 81Dog

    Snowflakes gonna snowflake. Any word on whether Butch handed out fruit rollups and juice boxes with the participation rings? Or did they have a potluck dinner? When I used to coach tee ball at Briarlake Baptist Church in Decatur, all the kids and parents had a potluck at the end of the season to hand out the trophies. Kids loved it. It’s a great approach for little kids. Not so sure it’s a great approach for young men on the verge of adulthood. Real world, consequences, etc.


    • Down island way

      “Let’s go live to our side line reporter Big orange bling at the 4th annual champions of life bling spring practice game at big orange champions of life stadium just south of bling blvd. located on the campus of life champions at the corner of big hair tire center and kiss my ass drive for the presentation of the winners 3rd place finish in orange and white pre season spelling bee…….take it away Bling.”