Virtue is its own reward.

Man, the educating young minds the conference broadcast business is kicking some righteous ass these days.

Big Ten Conference commissioner Jim Delany is set to receive more than $20 million in future bonus payments, according to information in the conference’s new federal tax return and a comparison of that document to prior years’ returns.

Yep, everybody’s going broke.



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5 responses to “Virtue is its own reward.

  1. I can see the reasonable responses coming from a mile away.


  2. But still, I agree….how could the conferences possible pay the players? Where would the money possibly come from?


  3. Mayor

    This is vile. They are inviting Federal Government intervention.


  4. AusDawg85

    That bonus is about $20,000 per B1G football player. There is definitely not enough to go around.


  5. 92 grad

    Jeebus, that’s actually worse than the stuff federal politicians squirrel away. For all you lawyers looking for a career screw politics, go into sports.