Does the Big 12 have an Oklahoma problem?

Boy, David Boren sure loves to hear himself talk about leaving the conference.


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3 responses to “Does the Big 12 have an Oklahoma problem?

  1. The other Doug

    From a business stand point, doesn’t OU have to keep an eye out for a good exit from the Big12? If Texas decides it’s in their best interest to leave then the conference is immediately not a power conference.

    This ties back to ESPN’s problems. If Texas stays mediocre that Longhorn Network becomes a heavy anchor around Mickey’s neck. With out that income the Longhorns would most likely jump ship.


  2. Yes. The Big XII is dying. Texas tried leaving a few years ago. Oklahoma wants the same thing, imo.

    Nobody actually sees a long-term future with the Big XII with Texas and OU constantly discussing whether they will leave the conference


  3. Sherlock

    No, The Big XII has a Texas problem. Texas has always demanded special treatment and unequal sharing. The other Big XII members let aTm, Nebraska, Colorado, and Mizzou walk because they were afraid of life without Texas. If they hadn’t been a bunch of chicken-shits with Stockholm Syndrome, they would have sent Texas packing and told ’em to have fun as an independent. What is the worst thing that could have happened? Texas does what Alabama has already done? They could have then added one team, most likely TCU, and copied the equality model of the SEC and had their own Conference Network.