Something old, something new…

I’ve already mentioned the staff turnover at Notre Dame.  When Georgia rolls into South Bend, the Irish will be playing for new coordinators on both sides of the ball.  In theory, that should put Brian Kelly a step behind Kirby Smart.

Maybe so, but in terms of the players on the field, Notre Dame will be anything but inexperienced.  In fact, Ian Boyd sets up what should be a fascinating match up between Notre Dame’s offense and Georgia’s defense.

I’ve broken down the basics of the Long RPO attack before. The biggest bonus of this attack is the way it will create opportunities for the Irish to fully leverage their absurd collection of talent on offense. For whatever reason, Notre Dame has two offensive linemen who were eligible for the 2017 NFL draft but stayed in school. Now the Irish return a left side of Mike McGlinchey (a 6’8, 310-pound, fifth-year tackle) and Quenton Nelson (a 6’5, 325-pound fourth-year guard).

In fact, the Irish figure to return four starters from a year ago across the line, along with top wideout Equanimeous St. Brown and starting RB Josh Adams. So as far as skill, talent and blocking, they can check off the RPO offense requirements of being able to beat man coverage and run on an honest front.

Doesn’t that sound familiar.  Georgia brings back every starter from last year’s defense, except for Maurice Smith, so you’re looking at two very experienced and talented groups facing off against each other.

The big questions may turn out to be whether Kelly’s new quarterback is ready to roll against that defense and how well Georgia’s staff prepares for what Chip Long will throw at them.  I bet you’ve got some staffers deep in the bowels of Butts-Mehre breaking down every inch of tape on Memphis’ offense last year as you read this.


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19 responses to “Something old, something new…

  1. Greg

    HA!!… don’t know if this has been talked about, but Vegas has 22/1 odds for the dawgs (below). Looks like Vegas and Bovada are pretty close in agreement, Notre Dame is not too far behind in odds. Looks like the heat will be on for Kirby, I hope he responds……..I look for the Notre Dame game to be our first loss, too tough of a place to play.


  2. I think our D will be fine for next season on the whole.

    But I worry about our offense….we don’t have any real impact WR’s (just my opinion)….we have a QB hoping to take another step forward….and Chaney as our OC


    • For the Notre Dame game, advantage Dawgs. The reason is, it’s Game 2 and defenses are ready quicker than offenses are. Anyone think we’d have beaten Trubisky and UNC later in the year last season? I’m not too sure. Early games tend to be lower scoring, so if you have a close matchup, give the nod to the defense. Our offense won’t be too impressive either, of course, but playing ND early with new coaches is a real plus.


  3. Biggen

    This is the same O-line that lead them to a 4-8 season? Now throw in the fact that they have a new Offensive Co and a new QB??

    I like our chances…


  4. Mayor

    Looks like ND on offense has a “decided schematic advantage.”


  5. New coaches so it’ll be harder to plan for and we’ll get their best shot. Hopefully Kirby’s fire and not taking the kids swimming one day this summer will make up for it.



    Looking forward to this game, and kudos to UGA for scheduling it….Not many SEC teams will consider playing two top level conference OOC teams like we do many years.


    • dawgtired

      Agree. I like the high-profile games…and with ND being down we have a shot to win. I only hope ND is not 3 points better than Nicholls St. 😉 Seriously, I like the regional-cover-games…we’re going to be on NBC!!


      • PTC DAWG

        Just looked, in 2019 ND plays @Louisville, @UGA, @Michigan and @ Stanford…they host USC…and Va Tech among others…


        • Cojones

          Bejeesus! And those teams don’t have bad years as ND just had.

          That schedule’s tougher than getting a nun out of the habit. Come to think of it, they could probably practice that as well according to some St Mary’s girls.


  7. Russ

    Wait, I thought we had already Dawg-graded Notre Dame. Are we now building them up? I’m confused.


  8. doofusdawg

    Unfortunately while we are watching films of Memphis they are watching films of Oxford.


  9. 81Dog

    Equanimeous St. Brown? That’s quite a name. I cant wait to hear Loran struggling with that one.


  10. Uglydawg

    “We’re here on the ND sideline talking with some of the Irish players. Equanimeous, that’s quite a name you’ve got there. Tell us, how did you get named after a street?”