The second greatest trick the devil ever pulled…

… was convincing Notre Dame to pony up an almost $19 million buyout of Charlie Weis’ contract.


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  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I would be interested in finding out if Weis was picked as a result of a national search firm or just the ‘guy they wanted’. I feel certain that the Irish nation was giddy with glee when Weis was hired, and now all these years later, all the way up to Brian Kelly having to rework his entire staff, the business of hiring coaches is just messy and hard to do well. ND has as much of a legacy as any school in the country and haven’t gotten it right since Lou Holtz. That’s a lot of expensive and bad tasting Irish stew. Kirby hasn’t failed yet; gonna hope for the best.


    • Sherlock

      Who wouldn’t be giddy with glee when you find out that you are going to have a decided schematic advantage? It actually looked like he was going to do well the first two years, but then they didn’t recruit worth a crap.

      The part of the story that people forget is that Urban Meyer was their first choice. They gave him a lowball offer, and he accepted the Florida job instead for twice the pay.


      • Of course ND and its fans were happy when they hired Charlie Weis. He was a Notre Dame alum with 4 Super Bowl rings when he was hired.

        Also, FWIW – Weis’s initial contract was for $2 million per year which was the same amount as Meyer’s initial contract at UF. The mistake that ND made was blowing up Weis’s contract during the first year and signing him to the big money extension.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    19 mil total for Charlie Weis, 3 mil for the AD, and even 1.7 mil for the women’s bball coach (to me that was most shocking of all). Yet there just isn’t any money in college athletics…certainly not enough to pay the players anyway.

    I personally know an EVP of N. American sales for a billion dollar tech company (yearly revenue), and he doesn’t make that 1.7 mil figure the women’s bball coach is bringing down (close, mind you, but not 1.7). Something is really screwy when someone is paid more to run a program that breaks even fiscally at absolute best (I’d bet they operate in the red) than someone directly responsible for hundreds of millions in profit yearly.

    Yet the NCAA and its charter members continue forward with this mantra that there simply isn’t any money.


    • mwo

      Don’t be hatin’ on Muffet. She is just using capitalism at its best-all the market will bear!


      • 3rdandGrantham

        Absolutely. If the women’s water polo coach can garner a cool 5 mil yearly, more power to her.


  3. HVL Dawg

    $19 million to get rid of Weis? Cheap.

    I’d say ND got a good deal on that one.


  4. HVL Dawg

    I’m curious. What was the greatest trick the devil ever played? Or, where did the quote come from?


  5. Mayor

    Charlie Weiss may be the biggest con man in history–literally.


  6. Shane#1

    Do you want to make millions? Are you a fat, arrogant ass? Do you have a losing record? Then college football wants you mister! Hmmm—-fat arrogant ass, add in sadistic and foul mouthed and I have known a few coaches like that.