“At some point it gets a little bit ridiculous.”

I don’t know what I love the most about this story concerning the NCAA’s fumbling attempt to rein in the size of football staffs…

… the slackness of the research effort?

However, the NCAA told CBS Sports the methodology to measure the staff sizes of 127 FBS schools in 2016 came from mere website research.

… the ineptness of the research effort?

It is largely perceived in coaching circles that Alabama, not Notre Dame, has the largest staff. In the survey, Alabama is credited with a total staff size of 31. According to the survey, that would tie Missouri and Ole Miss for sixth in the SEC and tie for 28th nationally.

The Crimson Tide are credited with just one strength and conditioning staff member. A quick check of Alabama’s own website shows the program employs the NCAA maximum five strength coaches.

“We’ve got some work to be done,” said Bowlsby while commenting on the survey’s preliminary results.

(“We’ve got some work to be done” is the understatement of the year, Bob.)

… or the potential futility of the research effort?

The number of those added support staff is not capped. In fact, some argue that the NCAA should limit staff size even as they try to determine whether such a restriction can be legally instituted.

“You got it,” said Phillips, also Northwestern’s athletic director. “Maybe you can’t limit [it], but the idea is that’s how we’ve structured ourselves in the past. That’s why we don’t have seven assistant basketball coaches.”

Hey, nothing like giving Jeffrey Kessler and his ilk another bite at the apple, geniuses.  It’s stuff like this that makes you wonder when the coaches will grok on to how an antitrust exemption for college athletics will screw them over even more than the players.

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  1. You know what the NCAA needs? More pay raises