“Friday night football is beautiful,” he said, “and no one wants to disrupt that.”

Well, except for the Big Ten and its new television agreements.

After all, those $20 million bonuses to your programming director don’t pay themselves, boys.


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5 responses to ““Friday night football is beautiful,” he said, “and no one wants to disrupt that.”

  1. Macallanlover

    I understand the realistic concerns about disruption of classes, and parking issues for Thursday and Friday games for those schools which have stadiums on campus. I do not see an other issues with playing CFB on Thursdays or Fridays, except some fans may have to take an afternoon off, maybe once a season. There are too many good games missed being seen because of overlap, this change is good for CFB and has almost zero impact on HS football. I laughed at Prick Harbaugh’s feigned concern about HS football.


    • It’s a problem if you’re a fan of a MAC school when there are zero Saturday games in November. Say you’re a fan of Toledo and live in Cleveland. They play five straight weeknight games starting the last week of October through end of November. That’s a 2 hour drive one-way. I don’t think that’s good for the fans at all, but Mickey sure loves having that inventory during the week.


      • Noonan

        The MAC has chosen to be a TV league. Their fans need to accept that fact and move on.


        • Shit man – I don’t remember the fans that attend games and contribute to MAC schools getting a say in being a TV league. As it always is with college football these days – no decisions are ever made that actually benefit the attending fans.

          I hope you remember this sentiment when you’re watching “AT&T SEC on ESPN Thursday Night Football from Delta-Sanford Stadium presented by Home Depot” in a couple of years.


      • Macallanlover

        Not just Mickey that likes it, CFB fans who like more football on TV love it too. And if I can swap a MAC game for a Big 14, Big 11, PAC 12, ACC, or SEC contest that is even better. Having a choice in case one game gets out of hand is a good thing too.