Chicken soup for the Georgia football blogger’s soul

Somehow this one short quote from Pat Allen manages to push my learning curve button perfectly.

“Our eyes are up more and we’re able to understand defenses a lot better and that all goes to Coach Pitt,” said the 6-foot-4, 285-pound Allen said. “He really teaches us front, he teaches us rotations, those type of things. When we key in on those things, we’re able to make calls and adjust.”

Keep keying in, baby.  Keep keying in.



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20 responses to “Chicken soup for the Georgia football blogger’s soul

  1. Hillbilly Dawg

    Titos and Kool Aid.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I need a shower anyway…


  3. Makes me feel a little better.


  4. ElectroM

    The NCAA should give Baylor the “death penalty” for all the violations and outright criminal actions, not to mention the lies and cover-ups by officials. Five years ought to be about right.


  5. Sort of related to the current thread, as I’m riding to my hotel in Chicago, an ad for Notre Dame season tickets came on the local sports talk radio station. I was somewhat surprised they are having to advertise for ticket sales this late in the spring.

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  6. DawgByte

    They need all the help they can get. If this line stays in tact the way it is… Ugh, we’re in for a long offensive season.


  7. Greg

    This stuff is taught at HS level..did he they not emphasize this a year ago???


    • Otis Day

      Yep we practiced on a dirt field and if we did not keep our heads up we got a mouth full of dirt from the OL coach


      • Greg

        And practiced under “the chute” to practice keeping low. Back then ours was made of chicken wire (top) & 2 X 4’s to keep it together….you didn’t want to raise up. Lineman would battle under there to see would get driven out…a test of wills.

        It was a sight to see, and something else to hear (cheering, grunting groaning, yelling & etc)….one of the
        best parts of day. Our practice field was mostly dirt & clay too..maybe mixed in with little bit of grass…..a small south GA HS. Good times though, times that I will never forget. Made a lot of brothers/friends for life.

        the day

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    • Bulldog Joe

      We practiced against an offense intent on imposing its will between the tackles with undersized linemen, so there weren’t many things to key on. 😉


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