Today, in doing it for the kids

Hey, don’t let anyone think coaches aren’t concerned about their charges.  Why, just look at the reasons they favor allowing student-athletes to play in four games without busting their redshirts!

“It would actually enhance their development to some degree,” Saban said during the SEC coaches’ postspring teleconference. “With the numbers that we have right now and the number of games that we’re playing, you might be able to play a few more players in some of those games, and that would help some of the other players on your team, as well.

Gotta love that “to some degree” qualifier.  The real thing that gets enhanced is Saban’s ability to judge earlier whether the time has come to jettison a kid to open up a roster spot for the next five-star recruit.

Mullen also said it would benefit players who might start the season off slowly but gradually work their way into game shape. Instead of sitting them to preserve more eligibility, coaches would now opt to give them valuable experience to better their future development. This proposal could also help with players keep their redshirts if they don’t see action until later in the season but suffer season-ending injuries.

“You should be able to do that,” Mullen said. “I’m definitely in favor of that.”

No shit there, Sherlock.  If a coach wants it, one more year on the roster is never a bad thing.

No matter how these guys spin it, it always comes back to control.  They’re never going to have a problem with anything that helps strengthen that.


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7 responses to “Today, in doing it for the kids

  1. Macallanlover

    No matter how you spin it, cynics gonna cynic. This is great for any competitive athlete facing an entire year of practice and conditioning without getting on the field. Chance to get in the game? You bet that will put some pep in my step, likely increase my development, and contribute to lower injuries too. I had just been hoping for letting them play in bowl games, getting a couple of more opportunities is even better. Everything doesn’t have to have a dark side, or designed to exploit. How can this be viewed as a negative relative to the positives? Different strokes.


  2. Irwin R. Fletcher

    I agree…this seems to make too much sense. I assume the addendum that states a kid loses his ‘4 game’ redshirt if he tries to transfer will be coming shortly.