“You look at the map and obviously it makes sense.”

Continuing with the theme from the last post, is it time to acknowledge that Gus Malzahn wishes he didn’t have time for Alabama (at least until the SECCG)?


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  1. Can’t move Auburn and keep an 8 game schedule without pissing on tradition. Not that SEC offices care.


  2. Mayor

    If Auburn moved to the East it would have to be part of conference expansion and a complete conference realignment–plus as a practical matter Bama would have to move East with them.


  3. WarD Eagle

    Haven’t read the link. Since it’s an old topic, I’m confident that most folks would expect AU to keep SPUAT as a traditional rival.

    As long as they have room amongst their other traditional rivals, like Vandy.


    • Uglydawg

      Had to go to AUFamily to learn what SPUAT is. LOL!


      • Down island way

        The plainsmen say “what ever can spuat the furest, gets to date thair sister and then her goats, whitch ever they like more”.


    • Got Cowdog

      According to the family, WarD, spuat should never be capitalized. Wouldn’t want ya to lose your card you know…….


      • WarD Eagle

        I’ll try to remember it next time, but I was taught to capitalize acronyms. Of course, I’m probably not exactly the most complete homer. (Actually, I think my phone/tablet autocorrects it).


  4. Otto

    As always it revolves around Bama, If Auburn moves East then the 3rd Weekend in October might be in Jeopardy. However if UT flips to the West UT/ UK is in jeopardy (which is actually a messed up abusive relationship that both sides take seriously). UT also draws Vandy as a cross division rival which would clearly be the biggest mismatch of cross division rivals.

    You could make the case the SEC should have swapped Tenn and Auburn back in ’92. Auburn’s rivals were UGA, Florida, and Bama. Tiger Bowl was not a thing, as LSU was no more of a rival to Auburn than to UGA.

    I know majority of UGA fans like to hate on Auburn but Auburn drew the short end of the stick in ’92 when 2 of their 3 biggest rivals where moved to cross division rivalries. The next biggest was likely Tennessee which was lost to rotating cross division scheduling.

    A move to 16 teams could actually bring rivalries back if you 4 pods of 4 teams with 3 permanent cross division games and 2 on rotation for an 8 game conference schedule.


  5. Red Cup

    I am ambivalent about Auburn and Mizzou switching. Go ahead, but then go to a 9 game conference schedule and problem with traditional rivalries solved. Good for the fans- We get more good games. So it won’t happen, unless the money is there from the broadcast partners forcing SECs hand.


  6. ApalachDawg

    This feels like Deja vu from a previous post from earlier today with one addition but the only way the Red Elephant club and the bagmen of the plains move over to the East is if the Big 12 implodes and the Longhorn network is no more and Tejas and Oklahoma come to the big boy football conference…


  7. Sherlock

    I have been proposing this scenario for a while: Move Auburn, Alabama, the Mississippi schools, and LSU to the East. Move USCe and Missoui to the wast. Rename the East to just “The SEC” and teams in the former “West” can fuck off to the SWC, Big-8, or Metro conference.


  8. Cojones

    It doesn’t make a crap to me if we beat Auburn’s ass as a member of the East or the West. Bring it, you mofos.


  9. southernlawyer11

    This is far and away the best proposal I have ever read. Frankly, I wish you would do an entire post on this: https://theroommateswitch.wordpress.com/


    • Otto

      Year in year out match up is what makes the SEC great, the proposal above is by far the worst I’ve read.