Nick Saban is “crazy” about something he has control over.

The Sabanator goes all “cats and dogs, living together” over the new recruiting rules.

“I’m at a loss with the direction that we’re moving in relative to the rules that we’re making. I hate to speak in a negative way about colleagues or people that are responsible for passing some of this stuff.

“I don’t see how it helps anything or anybody. Football is a developmental game. To keep trying to push a recruiting calendar, it’s for the benefit of teams in the North because they want guys to visit in the summertime and all that …

“If character and intelligence and things we’re responsible for … how do we evaluate that stuff if we’re offering guys when they’re sophomores, so they can visit in their junior year, so they can decide before their senior year?”

“That means a high school coach is going to be in the same position we are now with [Leonard] Fournette and [Christian] McCaffrey. They don’t play in their bowl games. What’s to say some high school kid says, ‘We’re out of the playoffs, I’m not going to play anymore this year. I’m going to Alabama.’

First of all, spare me the crocodile tears about evaluating character.  Coming from the guy who signed Jonathan Taylor without doing a lick of due diligence, that’s nothing but absurd bullshit.  When it comes to early signing, the evaluation he’s concerned about is playing ability, nothing more, nothing less.

Even more absurd than that, though, is the suggestion of a helpless Nick Saban facing the possibility of a kid saying “screw high school, Roll Tide”.  Assuming for the sake of argument that ever becomes a real thing, if Nick wants to nip that kind of thinking in the bud, all he has to do is say he’ll yank the offer of the first recruit who pulls that stunt.  It’s a completely nonexistent threat to Saban.

The thought that he might lose one late bloomer to a mid-major program via an early signing period is really eating at the man.



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16 responses to “Nick Saban is “crazy” about something he has control over.

  1. College football coaches become less likable every time they open their mouths.


    • And that is really true. Why don’t they just all say, “We want all control over everything and the rest of you, just shut the f up”. In Saban’s case, the rest of you is everybody. Well that goes for pretty much each and every one of them.
      Talk about no concept of a real world.


  2. MGW

    Haven’t done a lick of research, but it does sound convincing that the big push for this would be coming from up north. First of all you have to remember this has nothing to do with benefiting the kids. It may benefit them and I think it will, but absolutely nobody with the means to push this through has any thought of the welfare of the students on their mind as anything other than an argument to make to push their other agendas through.

    This is about parity, and nothing else. Maybe those summer visits have something to do with it, but moreover, the bulk of the best teams are down here, not up there. Things are good for us down here, they’re bad for everyone outside the south except Ohio St, Michigan, and USC.

    You make an early signing period, and you’re going to spread good talent out big time. The borderline kids with fewer offers are going to commit earlier, and sign early; period.


  3. I wonder if this vecomes some sort of an Equalizer rule for other programs vs Saban.


  4. Otto

    Saban is concerned about more than their ability to play, if they get an embarrassing arrest before they sign, he can sign another player in their spot.


  5. Jeff Sanchez

    I think it’s bugging him because he can’t blanket the south with offers anymore and then pare them down by Feb.


    • Macallanlover

      As I have said before, I feel this change will cause both programs and athletes to become more honest to their level of commitment. Have a better grasp of that is a good thing.


  6. steve

    Saban may be intimidated by a 6′ 3″ passive aggressive recruiting machine named Jim Harbaugh and the cross-state worm Urban Meyer….or he is just channeling the Bear who would give free rides to anyone just to keep them off the opponent’s team…..As long as they beat Auburn…I’m good.


  7. ASEF

    Aspiring engineer agrees to go to Georgia Tech. MIT comes in late, but Tech refuses to let him go. That’s progress?

    Look, I get the Saban Hate, but it’s blinding you to some obvious issues here. This cuts both ways. Where’s the “free market man” we’ve been hearing from? 🙂


    • Not sure I get your free market point here. Are you saying the NLI should be voidable by a recruit until he enrolls?

      If you’re just saying that signing early could work against a kid’s best interests, I think there’s a pretty obvious way to go there. It all depends on how much you believe Saban when he says, “trust me, wait until February”.


      • ASEF

        Then that’s a regulation aimed at 1/10 of 1% of the recruiting market. But it affects everyone

        Having a kid with friends who are being recruited, earlier signing means less information and less maturity for the kid signing early. It also has some benefits, but let’s not pretend this is 100% good for the kids and 100% bad for the coaches. I think it could be abused more than it helps


  8. I think this means we’re going to see more situations like that quarterback from Wisconsin. Player commits early, coaches begin to sour on player, any excuse is found to cut player loose.