“What I can say to our fans is to first, look at our teams.”

Jere Morehead’s advice isn’t aging well.  And it’s only May.

No pressure, Kirby.



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25 responses to ““What I can say to our fans is to first, look at our teams.”

  1. Oh, gosh! Reading some of his comments makes, and those of Logan Booker, make me sick to my stomach. Keep toeing that Georgia Way line, guys, while you turn around and cry about the lack of success in Georgia and Atlanta sports. Ugh!


  2. Russ

    Good for Seth for pushing on this. I hope he (and you) keep it up. We need better performance.


  3. Otto

    $500k+ to have box seats to all UGA sporting events, make bad hires, and hold awkward press conferences…. I went into the wrong line of work.


  4. hassan

    when is enough going to be enough?


  5. Greg McGarity, J Reid Parker Director of Athletics

    At least we won’t have to spend any money on the NCAA tennis championships for a while after this year. It’s a win-win. Not only will we save that money for a while but we also saved a lot leading up to this point by not spending big on facility upgrades.

    Looking forward to winning the Reserve Fund championship again this year.


  6. Chico Dawg

    It just seems so obvious once you connect the dots— football wins= more money for reserves=more money for endowment fund= AD job security
    nothing else matters when you aspire to be Bama East.


  7. Athens Dog

    I wrote McGarity a letter (with a stamp and everything) asking about how they came up with Notre Dame ticket allocation. And my displeasure since even though i’m in top 5% of donors, no tickets.

    To his credit he sent me back a hand written note with further explanation than we saw in the paper. Nice touch…………..but I still don’t have tickets.


  8. GruvenDawg

    I went to http://ope.ed.gov/athletics/#/ and looked at our operations expenses for 2015 compared to others SEC schools for the assorted sports programs. I did some basic numbers from the data provided. I am by no means an accountant or a data cruncher. We were below the mean amount of money for operations expenses in the big 4 other then football (3rd). In Men’s BB we were 11th, baseball we were 12th, and in women’s BB we were 12th. In the other sports categories only Gymnastics (3rd), Equestrian (1st?), and Tennis (6th) are above the mean on operations budgets when compared to other SEC programs.

    I don’t know what all is classified in the operations expense line item, so this is purely my opinion. I am inclined to believe BM is pinching pennies compared to our SEC counterparts. In addition I would love to know what we have spent on facility upgrades and builds across the board over the last 10 years compared to other SEC schools and other national powers. I don’t mind being a fiscally conservative school. However the goal of the athletics department should be to win in every sport we compete in, not continuing to pour money into our rainy day fund. It sure looks like we are not going to get another shot at this with future television money from big ESPN contracts extremely foggy. So if we want to compete then we need to at least catch up to the completion. If we are going to hang our hat on the Directors cup results then we need to consistently be back in the top 10 like we were when Dooley was still at UGA.

    Quit pinching pennies and go win some titles in the big 4 sports! If we are going to pursue Equestrian, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Gymnastics, etc. then quit screwing around and get them the facilities and budgets to win them.


  9. Walt

    Tennis is still kicking ass, but that has nothing to do with McGarrity since both coaches were in place before he arrived. I watched the #12 men beat #4 USC yesterday and will watch the #4 women play Pepperdine today. if you haven’t been to the Tennis NCAA championships, this weekend is your chance for at least 5 years. get out there and cheer for the Dawgs!


    • Russ

      I used to love the NCAAs in Athens. Great, great atmosphere and fantastic tennis. McGarity is screwing that up, too.


      • Walt

        Your’re right. UGA is in need of at least 6 indoor courts with descent seating if they want to keep the NCAA tournament coming to Athens, and McGarrity has put the new indoor courts plans on hold. I went to Alabama a few years back when they hosted the men’s tennis SEC tournament and their facilities are great. They built beautiful new indoor and outdoor courts.


  10. wth? yea, i am looking at our teams. Are you Prez?