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At least it’s not a waterfall.

I’m just gonna put this one out there for public consumption…

Although I would have enjoyed seeing the look on McGarity’s face when this was presented as a budget item.  (“There aren’t any condoms with that, are there?”)



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Vegas looks at the SEC East and scratches its head.

You can bet eight wins for Georgia and Florida, 7.5 for Tennessee.

My first reaction is “oh, bullshit”… but on reflection, I kind of get where they’re coming from.  Fandom aside, which school of those three do you want to go out on a limb with today?

Speaking of which, it will be interesting to see how these totals change as the season approaches.


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It’s go time for Kirby.

Roll over Beethoven and tell Jeff Dantzler the news:  this ain’t no throwaway year.

Smart said Wednesday on “The Paul Finebaum Show” from the Regions Tradition Pro-Am in Hoover, Alabama that he thinks it’s best to embrace such outlooks.

“At the University of Georgia, that is the expectation. We should be a team that is favored to win the East each year. We should recruit the best players in our state, which is a very productive state, and develop those guys into really good players.”

“We’re still a young team in my mind,” Smart said. “Because over half of our roster will be freshmen or sophomores. But we’ve got some good football players coming back and I’m excited about our team. So I know the expectations are there; that comes with being the head coach at the University of Georgia.”

All I can say in response is hells to the yeah.  Coach without fear, coach with confidence, coach however you want to describe it… just accept what they brought you here to do, and do it.  That’s what I want out of the head coach.

If only we could hold everyone else associated with Georgia athletics to the same standard and have them hold themselves accountable to us for that.


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Everything is for sale.

If they can sell the naming rights to L.A. Memorial Coliseum, it’s hard to think of something they can’t sell.

Give it ten years, and I expect the old line “it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that counts” will have a whole new meaning.


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“Protecting the state of Louisiana is always going to be my job as the coach of LSU.”

Now, this is what closing the borders looks like.

One by one, they were asked to leave the state of Louisiana before they even arrived. Football coaches from Texas, Texas A&M, Arkansas and Houston all planned to work satellite camps at Southeastern Louisiana University this summer. They were all unceremoniously disinvited last week. Tulane had announced it would work a camp with the Michigan staff. Disinvited, too.

If the coaches were confused, clarity came quickly. Tulane soon found a replacement for Michigan: LSU. And Southeastern Louisiana announced one new partner after severing ties with those A-list schools: Yes, also LSU.

The Louisiana schools are dancing around their reasons for kicking the out-of-state schools out of their camps. But they appeared to succumb to pressure from LSU, which has financial and political power in its state that few schools in the country can match. As one college official noted: “LSU’s influence is undeniable.”

By the way, Michigan has not one, but two, summer camps in Georgia next month.


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How ridiculous is the latest round of NCAA salaries?

Ridiculous enough that Stacey Osburn felt compelled to comment in response.


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