Everything is for sale.

If they can sell the naming rights to L.A. Memorial Coliseum, it’s hard to think of something they can’t sell.

Give it ten years, and I expect the old line “it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that counts” will have a whole new meaning.


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17 responses to “Everything is for sale.

  1. MDDawg

    I’m waiting for them to start auctioning off each endzone. “Dr. Pepper endzone at Capitol One field in Verizon stadium.”


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I have modest goals: “The Hogbody Spradlin Condiment Stand” outside a South Side concession. ‘We never run out’.


  3. Derek

    Here’s a modest proposal designed to end the problem: https://youtu.be/Tvp97SMZc6M


    • Sherlock

      Damn pancreatic cancer. He was taken from us way too soon. Though, I am afraid he might have offed himself if he found himself in our current timeline. I think when they brought back American Gladiators would have been too much for him. He might have gone full Lenny Bruce.


  4. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    So, if a game is oversold, does United drag fans out and throw them into the parking lot or book then for a later game?

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  5. If it meant less commercials, I’d be all for selling the front of the jerseys for advertising, like professional soccer. But of course we all know they’d just take the money from that AND continue to show the same amount of commercials.


    • Cousin Eddie

      When the TV dollars run out I expect team jerseys to look like NASCAR cars. Covered in logos of anyone with a few hundred bucks.



    Honestly, if an advertiser wants to put up $$$ for it’s name, and the seller is willing..I don’t have much of an issue with it myself.

    That said, I still call it The Gator Bowl….


  7. More advertising? Put it on their helmets, jersey’s and more on the field!


  8. Mayor

    Who’s favored in the game between the Delta Georgia Bulldogs and the YellaWood Auburn Tigers this season?