How ridiculous is the latest round of NCAA salaries?

Ridiculous enough that Stacey Osburn felt compelled to comment in response.


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6 responses to “How ridiculous is the latest round of NCAA salaries?

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    $1.9 million? For WHAT?


  2. I’ll do it for a mil. lol


  3. Dawgy

    They get paid millions to prevent some poor kid from selling a jersey for a few hundred bucks. They should feel very proud of their great work.


  4. junkyardawg41

    I know right? The NCAA teams winning percentage is .500 at best.


  5. reality check here

    College tuitions are increasing more than twice as high as CPI when fees are considered and college presidents as a group are highly paid. They are all so much smarter than we are and colleges are the bastions of free speech. As long as it is liberal speech. And due process? Colleges are simply better than that.

    I spent 8 years earning my graduate degrees at night so I could make more money. But I have little respect for higher education administrators.

    Mark Emmert? Typical of what you find in “higher education”. A world class jerk, although not in the same league as David Boren.


  6. The fact that the Marky Mark makes millions isn’t that big of a deal, imo. It is the fact of how many people the NCAA hires on the whole and their rising salaries. The NCAA office has expanded tremendously over the last decade and their hiring of positions with salaries over $200k is astonishing.

    Essentially, the NCAA office continues to see their salaries rising as college sports grows… the backs of players who see no rise in pay.