He who laughs last… laughs last.

Ed Aschoff claims Boochmentum is a real thing.  Really.


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9 responses to “He who laughs last… laughs last.

  1. Aladawg

    Aw shucks!


  2. Unfortunately for UT, Butch still has to coach, which is where he’s most deficient.


  3. Macallanlover

    Aschoff cannot ne that dumb, he just has to deliver an article on these teams that reflects some sunshine, manufactured or not. Sgt. Carter is a sleazy, snake oil salesman, a walking quote machine that spews BS on everyone he is near. I think it is a long shot for the Vols to ever be a top team in the near future, even when they can this guy. 19 years since their last SEC title, and counting, hanging onto this guy almost guarantees that reaches 25….at least. Hanging your hat on how you did in the draft with players who have now left your program, and a projected class who have never signed with you, is a pretty baseless theory for optimism. TN……3rd best in the East, and more likely to become 4th than 2nd. No end to their mediocrity in sight, imo.


    • Uglydawg

      “Aschoff cannot be that dumb”. We’ll there’s a difference between dumb and stupid and it’s stupid to write bullshit and put your name to it just to be doing something. If he knows it’s bullshit he should have worked a little bit harder to come up with a decent and believable piece. This kind of lazy sports’ journalism is what keeps worn out stories and memes going and going and going, even when they’re inaccurate.
      On the other hand, if Sgt. Carter wins the SEC this year, I’m going to shoot myself.


  4. Rocketdawg

    Booch is an asshat and a below average coach but I still think the Vowels beat the Nerds in Atlanta. The nerdbone isn’t as successful when you have more than a week or two to prepare for it. The Big Urnge still have SEC caliber players who can run on defense.


    • Mayor

      The UT-GA Yech game is a win either way for me because one of them has to lose. Hard for me to decide which one I want to lose more, though. Probably UT because of the negative implications a first game loss brings to the SEC East race later on.


  5. Cojones

    The pablum smeared by Booch’s description of those coming back and the slow healers probably being on the field this year left me feeling the early part of a touch coming from him this year. He touched the AD to hire him, touched the players to come there and is now touching the media with his grandiose plans of … …getting the players onto the field to play the first game. Droll shit.

    Aschoff had nothing else elevating to quote or print because that’s how bad Tenn and Booch seem to have become, however, I think I’ll wait until we play them before I laugh.

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  6. Got Cowdog

    I ain’t talking shit until we beat ’em.