“Do you really care about Antonio Callaway?”

Boy, this is some article about the pros and cons of suspending the Florida player in the wake of being cited for marijuana possession.  I laughed; I cried.

No, really.  After reading this, I was laughing so hard it brought tears.

He also has shown lapses in judgment previously. The most prominent of these was the Title IX hearing where Callaway defended himself against sexual assault allegations. His excuse? That he was, “so stoned I had no interest in having sex with anyone.”

Let he who is without judgment lapse cast the first stoner.

By the way, anybody who believes Jim McElwain is going to suspend his best wide receiver against Michigan is probably as high as Callaway was.



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19 responses to ““Do you really care about Antonio Callaway?”

  1. That last sentence pretty much sums it up. Just moving along here.


  2. Paul

    I mean, as long as they’re amateurs there’s no real consequence to suspension, so what’s the point? If we were paying them, then suspension would also mean a financial loss for the player. Just another reason we shouldn’t pay. Once we start paying them then we have to start suspending them too.


  3. Uglydawg

    I say pay them. Many of them would never walk the hallowed halls of our institutions of higher learning if they couldn’t play ball. Get corporate sponsors and let them be responsible for paying and patrolling them and shit-canning them when they screw up.
    College student my ass.


    • Paul

      My comments were meant to be sarcastic. In the current environment I think they ought to get paid. However, I’m okay with tough discipline regardless of whether or not there’s money involved. Truthfully though, the NCAA does need to address the subject of weed. Many students now live in states where it’s legal. There needs to be a consistent policy that applies to all teams. At least in the power five.


  4. ugafidelis

    If that’s an after effect of getting stoned, then I’m glad I never did it and damn sure know I never will now!


  5. Argondawg

    That’s a complete lie. I smoked weed at UGA and can without reservation say that I was never so stoned as to say no to one of our beautiful coeds needs. Why that would be downright unamerican. Chivalry was not dead back then. It’s not looking so good these days.


  6. 69Dawg

    Huntley Johnson is on the mother case. I’m sure he came up with the if your too stoned to assault a women it’s a win for the U of F. Maybe they should start handing out MJ in the AD to make sure the boy’s can’t get it up. I kid, smoking the evil weed never had that affect on anyone. Maybe UF is soaking it in salt peter first. Damn genius if you ask me.


    • Cojones

      Maybe someone should ship about 100lbs of ganja to Baylor. If nothing else, the women could use it to celebrate their Title IX victories.


  7. Cojones

    What a stupid sophomoric article. He says it’s bad and addictive, then turns around and says he doesn’t know. Mentioning Antonio as if he gives a shit is one way to turn my ass off, but the author wants us to know his article isn’t just for clicks and he really cares for him as a student. Give my poor-ass logic a friggin’ break. Please.

    It’s enough to drive a guy to cookies. To hell with that, think I’ll hit the ole peaceful pipe since the wife isn’t going to recover from the life-change thingy. Btw, are there any older female fans who could clue me in as to how long this lasts? I keep waking up with dead mosquitos on top of a knot on my forehead. I woke up the other day and she was putting one on a new knot. Am I missing something here?


    • Got Cowdog?

      Awesome Big C! The one thing we haven’t discussed on this blog: Menopause! Let’s drag that Big Scary Bastard out and trot it around the corral!


  8. Cousin Eddie

    Not sure what McElwain will do but Meyer would have named him a team captain by now.

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  9. Bright Idea

    So playing college football has become a right? This guy makes a one game suspension from football sound like prison time.


  10. Macallanlover

    Gonna admit it, I don’t care for him, never have.


  11. The other Doug

    I love the link to the rap sheet of for the 40 year old guy he was with when arrested: https://www.seccountry.com/florida/man-arrested-florida-antonio-callaway-rap-sheet

    Cocaine, drug trafficking, battery, child molestation….


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    I was “so stoned I had no interest in having sex with anyone.”

    We can expect to see this excuse used again. McElwain’s gonna need an alibi when that shark presses charges.


  13. hassan

    Who the f*** is Will Miles and is this guy for real?!??!? Baylor would kill to have this guy covering their beat.


  14. DA_MAN

    Afroman gotta love him some Calloway.

    I was gonna make love to you but then I got high
    I was gonna eat yo pussy too but then I got high
    Now I’m jacking off and I know why
    ‘Cause I got high
    Because I got high
    Because I got high


  15. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    With any luck at all, Callaway will be so stoned the entire season he will have no interest in catching the football.