“I’ll take the responsibility for maybe poor messaging…”

If Greg McGarity spent as much effort pursuing athletic excellence as he apparently does ass covering, things might be a lot cheerier at Butts-Mehre than they are these days.


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  1. Mayor

    The name McGarity seems to be on everybody’s lips–followed by a curseword.


  2. Argondawg

    I love our fine university with all my heart but we would be a first year shoe in for the athletic underachievement Hall of Fame.
    Hearing McGarity talk about him not communicating the message better is such pure political bull shit. The message is that most of our teams are pretty underwhelming. Even most of the things we used to kick ass at are slipping away.
    Thank god we brought in part of the bulldawg family to lead BM


  3. I do no have a firm enough grasp of the English language to enunciate how much this line from McGarity in the second linked piece invokes a visceral rage from deep inside, so I’ll just let it speak for itself.

    “If anything,” McGarity said, “we’re working the same hours or harder than we ever have before to become better every day.”


  4. Rocketdawg

    That is some high quality CYA right there.


  5. ATL Dawg

    “As we go through this entire process, we have not taken on any debt which I think is a story upon itself.”

    Glory be to the $80 million dollars in reserve.


  6. HVL Dawg

    Does anybody on here think McGarity is a passionate sports fan?

    Everything he says seems to justify his job without any mention of winning.

    What about UGA victories?


    • The Georgia Way

      We are offering this friendly reminder that The Georgia Way has only committed to be “in the hunt” on the field and on the court, which we certainly are at the beginning of every season in every sport.

      To do so, we must maintain our membership in the Southeastern Conference, which requires us to comply with a large matrix of documented rules and undocumented incentives.

      The Birmingham office does not allow us to disclose these undocumented incentives other than to say that acceptance of on-field and on-court outcomes, acceptance of bowl hierarchies, and acceptance of TV start times all play a role in determining the conference payout to each university.


      For 2016, we are proud to announce that The Georgia Way was once again #1 in conference payouts from Birmingham!

      And this is another Bulldog Point of Pride.

      However, compliance does not come without a cost. Therefore, we are requesting your involvement in bringing home another UGA victory in the most important and passionate sports season of them all, fund-raising season.



  7. Bulldog Joe

    “I’ll take the responsibility for maybe poor messaging.”

    It doesn’t take a J-school grad to know that “maybe” means he is not taking responsibility at all.


    • dawgtired

      His apology about ‘poor messaging’ was in fact…’poor messaging’. He’d make a great politician.


  8. The Dawg abides

    What a freaking muldoon.


  9. Greg McGarity, head bean counter

    McGarity’s Minutes (formerly known as The first Word)…

    The Society of the Miserable just needs to be educated on the issues more. Then there wouldn’t be as much criticism. And now that I have this forum to do so, the media can’t control the narrative. You’re all much better off listening to me.


  10. Bright Idea

    Mcgarity doesn’t have a competitive bone in his body and possesses no intangible qualities of leadership. He should be filling out taxes for a big corporation, not running an SEC athletic program.


  11. gastr1

    I hate him with a passion. Such a douchebag.


    • Russ

      Yeah, I sort of had a hard time enjoying the evening tonight in Houston while he was standing there telling me it wasn’t raining.


      • RandallPinkFloyd

        Can he do any sort of interview/press without mentioning reserve fund or how much money is being spent on a project?

        I’m with y’all. Hate him.


  12. Russ

    But I just heard McGarity tonight telling me everything was fine…if I’d just pony up more money. That west endzone project ain’t gonna pay for itself, you know!

    Oh, and Kirby managed to blame last year’s seniors for a lack of leadership, while also blaming the newspapers. Oh, and pony up for the school.

    Finally, Mark Fox said they had the best recruiting season in years, and everything is going to be great, if (you know) we’d just pony up some money.


    • Please tell me you’re joking about Kirby’s remarks. If not, I know we all would appreciate some quotes and more material.


      • Russ

        I mistyped. I should have said Kirby mocked the paper, AJC in particular. Someone asked about recruiting and Kirby said sarcastically “oh, you read Dawgnation?” Another question about receivers and Kirby said “despite what you read in the AJC” Mecole Hardeman has been working at receiver all spring and maybe he doesn’t want everyone to know that. As for the comment on last year’s seniors, no sugar coating. He just said they didn’t have the senior leadership because most of them weren’t playing anyway. Said he expected more from this year’s senior group since they are starters.

        I got the impression he was trying to manage expectations, though he did say he was excited about this year. Said we have a lot of kids coming back, which could mean we have an 8-5 team coming back, or that we’ll grow and be better (what he expects). Said Eason is a 7-5 quarterback, but that he expects much more after all he learned last year. Said Fromm will have the same first year problems. Also mentioned that it’s hard finding another QB to recruit with Jacob and Jake here, but that they were going to get more QB depth. Said that included dual-threat QBs recruits.

        Said the defensive line is close to where he thinks it should be, but OL is still work in progress, getting better. Said he wants OL bigger, but that he’s watching some of them to make sure they keep the weight down. Said Aaron Davis will probably replace Mo Smith at star.

        Mark Fox said that Yante Maten just told him he would be returning for his senior season. Said that JJ Frazier had tried out for a couple of NBA teams, but that they worried he was too small. Said he thought JJ would wind up in European league.

        Morehead talked about numerous school projects and rankings, said this would be the largest and highest ranked freshman class ever.

        McGarity asked for money and said everything was great.

        Rodney Hampton was there and got a shout out from Kirby and McGarity.


        • Bulldog Joe

          Thanks, Russ. This is good info for those of us not at the meeting.

          The update on Hardeman and Maten is encouraging.

          Hope you enjoyed the evening.


        • Thanks, Russ. Good stuff. I don’t like the blaming the seniors but understand you need a strong set of seniors who are playing to be leaders. Hopefully we get that from the guys who decided to stay.


  13. Hunkering Hank

    McG is truly sorry. He is such a company man it ain’t even funny. He’s just toeing the line. It’s just the SOS every freaking year now. The small time mindset – it has ruined Georgia forever. Get the cheapest coach on earth, kiss the ncaa’s ass on everything even if it screws Georgia, deal with shitty facilities, forget the fan experience, we’re still getting donations from the Big Dawgs – and let’s get a mix-table for the locker room because Clemson built a PALACE – that’ll even things up. McG you are a loser.

    Seriously, men’s tennis is the best thing we’ve got (had) going for a looooong time. And the asst coach is involved in some prescription drug scandal!


  14. JCDAWG83

    Keep those checks coming in folks. The message McGarity and BM are getting is; the fans love what they’re doing, the fans are paying in record numbers.

    Georgia fans get what the demand and pay for. Not beating tech in football this season is the only reason anyone is slightly upset. The Georgia fan base has decided that as long as we are better than Georgia tech in football, nothing else in sports matters. We have set low standards for athletics and BM is doing it’s best to make sure we meet those standards.


  15. I've Stopped Caring

    Beat writers, Emerson, Towers, Weiser appear to have pick up this discussion realizing it’s good click bait. You know how this usually works out.

    Sad part is, I don’t know how we avoid Karla Williams as our next AD.