100 days

That’s how long we’ve got until September 2nd.  Damn.


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8 responses to “100 days

  1. dawgman3000

    Those days will fly by Senator. I’m gonna use them to spend time with the family and friends and try to catch up on some fishing. When the season begins, I, the T.V., and the couch will become one. It’s a beautiful and sad thing.


    • Gravidy

      The only month longer than July is August. Seriously, does August ever end? 🙂

      On the flip side, the two shortest months of the year are October and November.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    And all I feel is another year older and deeper in debt.


  3. Dad, are we there yet?????


  4. Brandon

    Hey these are the best days though. As ready as I am for some football, I don’t wish my summers away. Chin up, we’ve made it through the hardest part (doldrums of January-April).


  5. steve

    Hey….we’re still undefeated!