A non-QBR look back at G-Day

In a series of tweets yesterday, William McFadden broke down some of the tape from G-Day.  You can go check his feed out if you want the entire analysis, but I wanted to focus on just a few things he put up highlighting the quarterbacks.

First, compare these very similar plays called to start the game for both Eason…

… and Fromm.

This gets back to a point I made in my Observations post about G-Day.  There was a noticeable difference in the first team secondary’s play versus that of the second team’s.

Fromm did a lot of good things in the scrimmage.  Here he reads the blitz right and gets rid of the ball quickly.

And this may be my favorite play of Fromm’s from the day.

He showed some maneuverability and good field awareness there.

On the other hand, while this play starts off well enough,

… it almost ends disastrously.  (Against a good SEC defensive back, it wouldn’t have been almost.)

Then there’s the game’s flukiest play.

He missed reading the open receiver, threw off balance, but was saved by the defensive back’s whiff and Simmons staying with the play.  Again, that’s likely a different result against a conference defender.

As far as Eason goes, it was also a mixed day.  On the interception,

… Eason forces a throw because he’s under pressure, but look at the routes the receivers are running.  That whole side of the field looks crowded.  It’s a poorly executed play all around.

On the other hand, feel free to drool over this.

Eason reads the blitz, the line gives him just enough time and he makes a killer throw.

This, too.

That’s what a great arm, given enough time, can do.

And one more.

Folks, there aren’t many college quarterbacks who can do that.  There just aren’t.

The point here isn’t to argue for one Jake over the other.  (I don’t think Eason did anything to loosen his grip on the starting job, but I digress.)  It’s that I’m excited about what I see there from both players.

In terms of quality depth, this appears to be shaping up as the best quarterback situation Georgia’s had since Richt’s early run with Greene and Shockley.  Give Eason and Fromm adequate pass protection and some consistency from the receiving corps and the passing game could be resurrected into a real threat quickly.


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  1. Got Cowdog



  2. Eason and Fromm are both weapons. As we know, Eason has an arm that is NFL-ready now. Fromm appears to be the future at the position. He looks like he’s going to be ready to play meaningful minutes if necessary. Now if Chaney can get out their way …

    Fromm and Davis Mills may be the best 2 pro-style high school QBs we’ve seen in the same Georgia high school class in a while.


  3. It’s difficult to tell on the iPhone but that pick sure does look like a ball 89 should have had before it got to 35.

    Being able to draw up and execute a back shoulder on 3rd and 19 is something you just can’t do with common arm strength.

    11 throwing right over the top of the blitzer is impressive for a kid that should still be in HS.

    Get a serviceable line and some WRs who can separate and catch it and we’ve got something.


    • Down island way

      Just from the QB to WR perspective, good WR make an average QB look good, just as a good QB should make average WR look good. We have some above average receivers, plus an above good QB……should be a connection there for some offensive stability.


  4. It’s so hard to judge the two QBs because they were asked to do two different things. I would have loved to have seen Fromm go against the No. 1 defense if only because I think it would have curbed some of the hype around him.

    But Eason looked rough at times and great at others. Sort of par for the course for a sophomore entering his second spring I guess. The question becomes can he take a leap over the next 100 days to have far more great moments than rough ones. A solid offensive line would go a long way to helping that ratio, no doubt.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    Frame by frame QB comparison from G-day….I needa cold shower.


  6. Skeptic Dawg

    The fact that we still do not know what we have in Eason is troublesome to me. He showed a few, just a small few, glimpses of brilliance last season as a freshman behind an awful OL. He proved to be a true freshman the vast majority of the year though. Yes, the lackluster talent at WR and OL most certainly hampered his development. That being said, Eason failed to show game improvement week over week with poor accuracy, bad footwork and lack of field vision. Hopefully this will be corrected with more time in the pocket via an improved OL, better WR play and one full year under his belt. All and all, the jury is still out on Jacob Eason being the QB to deliver wins in Athens. I like to think (read hope) that Eason and the Dawgs are in the same situation that Matt Ryan and the Falcons faced a few seasons ago…awful OL play makes good/great QB’s look awful. Improved OL play makes the QB look great.


    • Did we know what we had after Stafford’s horrendous freshman year? Did we know what we had after Aaron Murray’s red shirt freshman year? QBs aren’t RBs. They take time. Especially QBs coming from systems vastly different from those in which they’ll play in college.

      The impatience UGA fans have toward Eason blows my mind in many ways.


      • I think we did. That auburn game had a big impact on our perception of Matt. The second half vs. VT in the bowl game was big too. They were giving him very tight windows to throw into and they had shut our running game down. Matt won that game for us.

        I know my mindset about him was always “when” not “if.” I never thought Matt wasn’t going to be the first pick in the draft, I just wasn’t sure when we’d see it manifest at UGA. I just don’t think you see that kind of arm talent very often. In fact, I’m not sure there’s ever been a more gifted passer of the football. That is to say if you were building a QB from NFL qb’s you’d take Tom’s heart, Peyton’s brain, etc… Whose right arm is better (the combo of accuracy & power) than Matt’s? I’ve seen more accurate and I’ve seen stronger but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a better mix.

        I’m not down on Eason in any sense but I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if he was the No. 1 pick in the 2019 draft and it wouldn’t shock me if he wasn’t the starter in 2018. We do need to see some more development before we can assess his capabilities. That said the “start fromm crowd” is comprised of idiots.


        • So you’re telling me that after going 9-21 for 129 yards in a win over VT we knew Stafford would be good?

          Come on, dude. That’s revisionist history at its finest.


          • He was named Offensive MVP. We overcame an 18 point second half deficit. We were down 21-3 at half.

            If you want to focus on stats, well VT had the No. 1 defense in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in 2006 for points per game allowed and pass yards allowed. They averaged almost 1.5 picks a game: 17 in 12 games. They were the only team in the country to average less than 10 points per game allowed. They had 4 shutouts. We scored 31 points in the second half.

            Matt made several plays in the second half that allowed us to overcome a big deficit vs. the BEST DEFENSE IN THE COUNTRY.

            I have thrashing Auburn on the Plains and beating the best defense in the country on Stafford’s side to tell me that Mel Kiper’s prophecy, which came true, appeared true while Matt was still a true freshman. On your side you have????

            As I said, they both may end up in the same place but to say that each had similar amounts of success as freshman is simply not true.

            Matt beat a No. 5 team at Auburn, a No. 16 team vs. Tech and a No. 14 team in VT. Those were the last three games of 2006. All W’s. I’d say we had reason to be optimistic about Matt’s progression.

            They both did beat top ten Auburn teams but Eason’s scored 13 at home while Matt’s scored 37 down there.


            • I just want to clarify that you want to use 9-21, 129 and a QB rating of 100 (which is awful, by the way) to say it meant we knew Stafford was going to be good. Stafford’s SOPHOMORE year was basically what Eason’s freshman year was. In fact the numbers are crazy similar. So if we knew Stafford was going to be good after seeing him derp it around against VT, I suspect we should all feel super positive about Eason.

              Or maybe, juuust maybe seeing Stafford succeed in the NFL and do well his junior year has influenced many fans on what his freshman/sophomore years were.


              • I knew it. What “you” or “we” knew is irrelevant. Turns out I was right. First player off the board. If you didn’t see it or were just plain wrong, well that’s your issue.

                Personally, I don’t concern myself with QBR or stats. Three wins over ranked teams to finish off a season as a true freshman QB is a pretty good showing for me. You and or “we” could be less impressed as I am with both of your opinions on the matter.

                As far as Matt’s sophomore year of 2007 being comparable to Eason’s 2016 season, the 2007 Georgia team was probably the one team that we’ve ever had which would have been favored to beat any team in the country in November or December. We beat Oklahoma State, Alabama, Auburn, Tech, and the defending national champion in Florida by two td’s and finished ranked 2nd in the AP poll. But yeah, same thing cuz stats.


      • studebakerstud

        Stafford’s soph season sucked too, he’s not the best example for Eason lovers.


        • That’s my point. It took Stafford 2.5 years to click. And he came in a bit more polished than did Eason. People expecting us to “know” what Eason is at this point are jumping the gun in my opinion. I know waiting sucks and no one wants to do it, but with a QB as talented but equally as raw as Eason, that’s what we’re going to have to do.

          We need to get to the point where the OL/RBs control the game and not force Eason to be Aaron Murray. At least while he’s still young. People always remember the Florida game from Stafford’s sophomore year, but rarely do we talk about how all Stafford had to do was throw it 19 times.

          I’m not an “Eason lover,” as you put it so much as I’m a realist. Eason is raw and should have never had to start last year, but perhaps it’ll turn out to be a good thing come this year (maybe) or the next (probably).

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          • I agree we don’t need to know what Eason is yet. However, I knew what Stafford was by the end of his true freshman year: a future franchise QB and No. 1 pick. Whether you did or not is a different issue.


        • He was the starting QB on a team that finished the season ranked #2 and he sucked?


    • Skeptic, I agree with you. Eason is still very much of an unknown. I would suggest a lot of that is due to I Haz A Fat Pencil and the offensive line. Eason was at his best in the shotgun with a view of the field. Chaney continued to put him under center to force him to make 7 step drops while trying to survey the field. When you have a line that struggled to hold blocks for that long, you get what we got for most of the season.


    • studebakerstud

      I agree partially, Eason is not improving over time, pressure does odd things to people, some like Fromm perform better, some like Eason perform worse. But no, you can’t blame Eason’s struggles on anything else, he is his stats.


  7. Otto

    I like that a very positive example of Eason’s play was from under Center. Footwork is key to QB play and many QBs including Eason and Fromm spend little to no time under Center in HS.


    • studebakerstud

      Fromm spent time under center in high school, his team ran both under center and shotgun. Eason, you’re right, he looks very uncomfortable under center, Fromm looked totally at ease..


      • Otto

        I posted one of Eason’s best plays was from under Center. I admit I am not a recruiting film junkie but what I have watch of Fromm in Hudl was vast majority if not all from under shotgun.

        I have posted since last season I want a break down of Eason’s decision making from under center vs shotgun and further the biggest leap for Eason could likely be his effectiveness under center. Chaney catches flack but he should be applauded for allow Eason to win the Mizzou game from Shotgun,


  8. ApalachDawg

    Eason is the man.
    The dude made two clutch throws at the end of games to win one of those games and should have one the other. IMO that is joe Montana-esque stuff…


  9. Brandon

    “Give Eason and Fromm adequate pass protection”

    I think this season and the way it goes all comes down to the O-line. If they can gel early and show marked improvement over last year, we could be pretty tough. If the line is no better than last year… regardless of Eason, new WR talent, Chubb, or Michel, we will struggle again and lose a couple we shouldn’t.


  10. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    On the the first two clips up top on the dig routes, the primary difference I saw was that Eason was late with the ball. Fromm got his ball to the WR immediately as he came out of the break. The timing on Eason’s throw wasn’t as good, giving Parrish a chance to make a play.

    Not that it wasn’t a great play by Parrish, but Eason gave him a little help.

    That said, more reps and film review fixes that easily this summer and that becomes a staple of the offense like it was with Stafford. Stafford used to abuse corners on plays like that, whether to the short side or wide side of the field. Murray abused corners with that back shoulder fade like Eason did in the other clip. If Eason gets a rhythm and comfort on those two throws(which I’m sure he will), even last year’s offensive line would be sufficient to give him time to make those throws. And if that happens, look out, because that offense becomes hell on wheels with Nick and Sony toting the rock.


    • studebakerstud

      It’s really ability to read defenses, and quick release, and throwing a catchable ball. Right now, Eason sux at all three, Fromm excels at all three. Do those 3 well, and your oline is an afterthought.


      • Brandon

        Right. Bench Eason just cuz and lets start another true frosh all year bc the next guy is always better AMIRITE???


        • Got Cowdog

          Started following this blog around 2009. There is always a very vocal contingent here in the comments that the second string QB needs to be starting.


          • Snoop Dawgy Dawg

            I’ll never forget sitting in the stands, I believe in 2003, where David Greene was not having a stellar game. The QB coaches and Offensive Coordinators seated around me were loudly and boisterously clamoring to bench David Greene and sub in DJ Shockley, the savior of UGA football that game.

            These excellent coaches had apparently missed the news that DJ was in a walking boot that particular game and was not dressed out.

            Other than that, they nailed it.


  11. diving duck

    I struggle to understand the Eason doubters. Throwing 16td/8int as a true freshman behind that offensive line was a great accomplishment. I think there are a lot more of the Tennessee final touchdown throws over the next two years.

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    • studebakerstud

      dude, I’m a huge Kirby fan, but if you don’t get why people doubt Eason look at his numbers, he’s got to improve everywhere fast. He also had sack fumbles and int’s at the ends of games.


      • I guess my question would be what should his numbers have looked like? What QB the UGA has signed over the last 10 years would have outperformed Eason’s numbers as a true freshman? I’d say exclude Fromm as we don’t know what he’d do as he hasn’t played, but Murray as a true freshman might have done better, though I don’t know.

        My point being, citing stats w/out context seems unfair. Yes, he was a 120.9 QB with 55.1% completion, but he was also a true freshman playing with a first-year head coach and what I think we could all agree was the worst offensive line in recent memory. What true freshman QB does well in that situation?


        • DoubleDawg1318

          Exactly. Dude put up good numbers FOR a freshman QB. Obviously he has to progress but anybody who says he had a bad year is delusional.


  12. Macallanlover

    Senator’s point is spot on, the big picture takeaway is we have two uber talented QBs when viewing their potential/upside. We have never been in a better position when viewing the top 2 on the depth chart, except for Greene/Shockley. No need to debate the better of the two, it will sort itself out, but it is Eason’s job to lose. Both have their strengths, Eason has an arm that gives him the capability of making throws few can, Fromm looks far ahead of Eason in control and command of a new system and able to find receivers at the same point in their time at UGA. Eason has the experience and deserves the shot to show he has improved in critical areas of need, but Fromm makes me think the fall off isn’t terrible should Eason have trouble finding and hitting receivers this fall.

    It isn’t either/or, both are suiting up and available to the staff and we should be thankful they are. We haven’t been in this position since 2002-2005 and those were fine years for UGA. No need to run either man down, the plays shown above show some positives from both players. I believe UGA offense will be better in 2017 regardless of who is used, and when. Our offense only has one way to go after what we saw the last two seasons, why the angst?


    • studebakerstud

      Eason’s job to lose? Not according to Kirby Smart or other SEC coaches ED A interviewed. Kirby said the qb competition is wide open and if you’ve seen Kirby coach at Bama, you know he isn’t bluffing when he says that. He’s dead serious about comeptition and will play the best dude, he couldn’t care less about senority or the past. A lot of people think Fromm has a good chance at starting, and he will get playing time, he’s already earned it, likely this will be a competition that goes into the season. May the best gunslinger win.


      • Macallanlover

        I agree he will play the best performer, but at this time the total skill set favors Eason due to experience in actual games. But I do feel the competition is close, just feel Eason will win out for the first game because of the experience. If he shows he has settled down in live games, it is his to lose.

        I think both QBs are ahead of last year’s options for game the opener because the combo of Sophomore Eason and Frosh Fromm are better than Lambert and Frosh Eason were last Labor Day, imo. Let’s trust the staff, but either way we should be ahead of 2016 at QB, and the offense will be good enough, not great. Things are good for UGA going into Summer Camp, at least good enough to take the East, maybe more.


  13. Ok, why does it always take so long for some on here to spot the GT troll?