No thugs in our house

As cynical as I am about the need for a campus carry law, I have to admit I never thought of this scenario.

There are still uncertainties with the law such as if guns would be permitted inside the football locker room in the Butts-Mehre building.

“I haven’t had that question answered yet so I wouldn’t want to speak for our system or general counsel,” UGA president Jere Morehead said Thursday after the Athletic Association’s spring meeting. “I can’t imagine why that would be.”

Added athletic director Greg McGarity: “We have to define in our building what areas are or are not. We’re not there yet.”

For once, I can appreciate his reluctance.  But, even given the world we live in, it’s hard to think of going from Richt dismissing Isaiah Crowell over a (later dismissed) gun charge to not being able to do a damned thing about players carrying in a locker room without shaking one’s head.



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  1. Crowell’s gun had the serial number filed off!


  2. Macallanlover

    I am certain BM can come up with a way to include/exclude whatever buildings, and areas of, they wish. And I doubt there would be much of a challenge.


    • You can’t be serious. The campus carry law as written is poorly drafted and will be challenged in court by both sides.

      If UGA’s general counsel isn’t taking the current climate surrounding Second Amendment enforcement issues into account, that’s grounds for finding someone competent.


      • If the courts look past the literal language of the law and to the “intent” of the legislature won’t it be obvious that, by and large, the members of the football team were not the intended beneficiaries of the law but rather the “target audience?”


      • Macallanlover

        I certainly am serious, and has nothing to do with how “tightly” the law was written. BM will do exactly what McGoofy says, they will determine where guns are allowed, and they will win any challenge, if brought. Who has ever won any decree from BM (other than the NCAA)? They will decide if guns can be in the locker room, the weight room, the IPF, etc. and it will stand. I doubt any player, visitor, or employee will say a word against what is brought out as policy. He may be incompetent as an AD, but he holds a strong hand on issues few will be riled up about. If it does get contested in court, you are probably right, he might lose, I just don’t think it will get to that point.


  3. Of all the issues facing the state and the country, the fact we (our elected officials) spent time and money on allowing tailgaters to pack heat seems like a such a massive waste of time.


    • kevin fogarty

      Of course most of us who obtain a carry license also know its against the law to drink alcohol while carrying your weapon on your person.

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      • Mike Cooley

        Lol. Exactly.


      • No it’s not. It’s against the law to be legally drunk. I’m sure gun owners are just as proficient at remaining at .07 BAC as they are at keeping their kids from killing themselves and others with their guns.

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        • Sherlock

          Unjustified and accidental shootings amongst those of us with carry permits is almost unheard of. 80% of non-self-inflicted shootings are crime related (i.e. the shooting wasn’t the original crime). Most of the rest are domestic violence. Unless you are a criminal or part of a drug deal gone bad, your chances of being shot by someone other that your significant other (or a cop) is almost zero. The police are an infinitely bigger threat than carry permit holders.


  4. Jeff Sanchez

    XTC reference? +1


  5. kevin fogarty

    Most players are under 21 which is the age required to purchase a handgun and apply for a Georgia Weapons Carry License so that would eliminate many of the players. Secondly, how many players are going to go through the process of applying at the court house, heading to the sheriff’s office to be finger-printed for the background check before then being able to carry a concealed weapon. How many players don’t even renew their driver’s license which can be done online much less go through the process of obtaining a carry license.

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  6. Hodgie

    What’s the big deal? Why would their carrying guns be a big deal kid they were doing so legally?


    • People with the abilities of both logic and reason recognize that certain areas: bars, locker rooms, tailgates, political rallies, presidential appearances, military installations etc… are places fraught with peril with the introduction of guns. Places of inebriation, high emotion and high value targets are not good places for guns.

      Ask anyone who has been in the service whether they are allowed to be on base with a loaded weapon. You’d think that those would be among the most trusted persons, but those damn, limp wristed yellow bellied un-American people that run our military think it’s a horrible fucking idea.


  7. The Dawg abides

    Seems like this can be handled with a team rule. Kirby can just say guys, even if you have a permit, don’t bring guns into the facility. Some people are going to argue that this suppresses a player’s rights. But the same can be said on rules against players talking to the media, among others. Richt had the no long hair, no facial hair rule for years until the styles became predominant and the rule became draconian, with the possibility to affect recruiting. When Chizik got to Auburn, he had a rule against hats and headphones in the football facility. These are all free speech/ expression issues. It boils down to being on the team is a privilege, therefore you must follow team rules. Players usually don’t push back on these rules on citing their constitutional rights. Now, when Johnny Dawgfan wants to visit the ticket counter in BM with a beef while carrying is a situation that needs to be examined.